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Girls can be catty and sneaky and if anyone ever tried to spread false information about you, there are ways to deal with rumors. No matter the age group, rumors are hurtful and need to be stopped. One of the key ways to deal with rumors is to love and accept yourself no matter what. Here are some empowering ways to cope and stop rumors.

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Don’t Spread More Rumors

Although it’s tempting to fight fire with fire, one of the most important ways to deal with rumors is by not spreading more rumors. Whether a rumor was started about you or a friend or boyfriend, make sure to let it end with you.


Confront the Source

If you know who started a rumor about you, try confronting that person and find out why he/she was talking behind your back. If this particular individual who started a rumor about you happens to be “one of the populars” in school and you don’t feel comfortable confronting him/her, then address the situation and override the rumor with the truth.


Hold Your Head up High

Confidence sells. If you show weakness or defeat, the person who started the rumor about you will prey on you and continue until they break you. Do not let that happen. You are bigger than the rumor and you are bigger than the problem! Shift your attitude about the situation as if nothing is bothering you. Bullies will not bother strong, independent, and confident people.


Love Yourself No Matter What

Deep down you know that the rumor about you is not true, so love yourself no matter what because at least you know the truth. If your friends are true they too will know the truth about you. Rather than focusing on self-pity and self-hatred or doubts and anger, remember who is important in your life and whose opinions matter most in your life.


Address the Problem with Someone

Keeping emotions bottled up inside is never good, so if you feel that the rumor is too big or the problem is way over your head, address the problem with a sibling, friend, or teacher. If the bullying gets out of hand, the situation most definitely needs to be addressed to a higher authority – do not ever “wait and see how bad it will get” or see “if things will get better.” If you do not feel comfortable about something, speak up!


Be Careful Who to Trust

Open up to only those whom you know you can trust with your life, whether it is a parent, a sibling, a best friend, or a teacher. Unfortunately we live in a world where even a best friend can be two-faced, so just be careful who you tell things to. Personally, I confide in family because I know they will never judge or spread anything about me, so make sure to confide only in those who will love you no matter what and who will back you up no matter what.


Prove and Stand up for Yourself

The most effective way to get back at someone who started a rumor about you is to prove them wrong and stand up for yourself. My biggest thrill in life is proving people wrong. I have always lived out what I have preached. If you build a reputation, whether that be goody-two-shoes or nerd or party girl or the-one-who-always-has-a-boyfriend, you are your own marketer. If you want people to spread GOOD rumors about you, then think twice about the image you want to convey to the world and change the way people view you.

Ladies, whether the rumor spread is true about you or not, just know that you are beautiful, you are special, and you are loved and appreciated. Nobody can make you feel a certain way so don’t ever let a rumor get to your head! How do you deal with untrue and unfair rumors?

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Hi I am a student so my best friend cheated on me and now she is leaking my secrets as well as spreading false rumors about me and I am a monitor and now I don't know how to deal with it help me

Can someone help me with a rumor that was spread about me? A guy from my grade apparently said I texted him that I would kill myself if he didn't date me. My friend told me that his friend told him, and the person that told his friend was the guy that I "Texted". I'm still not sure if he spread the rumor or not, and I have no idea how to find out. Please help!

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