7 Easy Steps to Reduce Stress in Your Life ...


If you're looking for easy steps to reduce stress, the good news is there are loads of things you can do to feel more relaxed. Stress can affect us both physically and mentally and the chances are it will leave you feeling worn out and ill - that's why it's important to take steps to reduce that stressed out feeling whenever you start to feel it coming on! Here are 7 easy steps to reduce stress in your life - try one or try them all!

1. Learn to Let Go

When you come home from work, do you relax, read a book or watch your favourite show, or head for an exercise class? Or do you stress out over what's happened that day, replaying the events of the day in your head over and over and analysing everything? One of the key causes of stress is not being able to let go - this is one of my favourite steps to reduce stress. Try to set yourself a time when you will totally switch off from work; if you need half an hour to analyse the day's events and worry about tomorrow then do it, but after that point, relax!

Have a Hot Bath
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