7 Different Definitions of Feminism That Will Empower You ...


7 Different Definitions of Feminism That Will Empower You ...
7 Different Definitions of Feminism That Will Empower You ...

Many people aren't aware of the actual definitions of feminism, which is why they have preconceived notions about it. Despite what people think, feminists aren't all women who refuse to shave, wear dresses, and have children. They're just people who believe in equal rights for men and women. Here are a few definitions of feminism in order to clear up the confusion:

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All Men (and Women) Created Equal

All Men (and Women) Created Equal Being a feminist doesn't mean that you hate men, or believe that women are superior to them. It means you don't think one gender should get paid a higher salary than the other or get treated differently in any type of situation. This is one of the accurate definitions of feminism, because it makes it clear that feminism means that you believe in equality for men and women.


It's Not a Vicious Term

It's Not a Vicious Term Feminists are supposed to encourage all women to act in whatever way they please. Some female feminists want to be independent and ignore traditional gender roles, but other female feminists want to be housewives and take care of their children. They don't have to behave in a certain way in order to call themselves feminists. Anyone can be one, as long as they support equal rights for everyone.


Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself Believe it or not, women are actually people. They have all of the same emotions, fears, and desires as men do. We're all people, so why should one's gender make a difference in how one is treated?


Women Matter, Too

Women Matter, Too Do you believe that women are just as capable at succeeding as men are? Do you think that a female should have the same amount on their paycheck as a male with the same job? Then you're a feminist, too. Don't be ashamed to say it. It's a good thing, so be proud.


Take Charge of Your Body

Take Charge of Your Body Women deserve to be in charge of their own bodies. Why should men get to decide what a woman is allowed to do? Women aren't in charge of what men are allowed to do with their bodies. Every person should have the right to make their own decisions, which is why feminism is so important.


Strength in Women

Strength in Women Women are just as strong as anyone else is. We already know that, but the rest of the world doesn't. Some people still believe that women cannot act as rationally as men and that they don't deserve to be treated in the same way. Women don't have to change the way that they act, because they are already strong. We just have to find a way to change the way that society views us.


One or the Other

One or the Other You either believe in equal rights or you don't. There is no middle ground, so you can't claim that you're not a feminist, but not a sexist either. You have to make a decision on where you stand, because it's impossible to sit on the fence when it comes to equality.

Feminists have a bad reputation, because many people don't understand what they are trying to accomplish. In order to make a difference, the world needs to start understanding what feminists are out to do, which is make women equal to men. Have you encountered anyone who was against feminism because they didn't understand it?

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#3 You say feminists don't have to behave a certain way, but can feminists vote for Trump, be pro-life, anti-vax, and anti-abortion?

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