7 Daring Things to do While You're Young ...


7 Daring Things to do While You're Young ...
7 Daring Things to do While You're Young ...

Are you the kind of person who is always looking for new daring things to do or try? Well even if you'd rather stay inside and read a book like I would like to do, there are still times where I want to break out and try something exciting! But I also make sure that exciting things are as safe as possible, so no jumping off a waterfall or anything of that nature! But if you're looking for some daring things to do, check out these ideas!

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Well you've asked for daring things to do and this is definitely one of them! Zip-lining is a crazy experience that is both terrifying and a whole load of fun! Who wouldn't want to glide down a cord with nothing but the force of gravity acting as your motor? But no worries! You'd be attached with a harness or a bar so you can't fall. Maybe this isn't for those of you who have a fear of heights, but even if you do, you should try this to get over your fear. You only live once, plus when you're old you'll have the best stories to tell!


Slip N' Slide

Did you have a Slip N' Slide when you were a kid? I used to absolutely love mine and I don't remember a day in the summer where I didn't go running and then sliding down that thing. Well now that you're all grown up, you can't go on them anymore, right? Wrong! You may be bigger now but that doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore! If you have a tarp, water and soap, and a grassy field then you can make your own water slide! Just make sure you're not near any roads or objects that you can run into!


Kayaking or Tubing

This is definitely one of the most daring things to do on this list. It may sound like a cinch but kayaking or tubing can be a tricky task! But it sure is fun! Now if you want to get really daring you could go white water kayaking or tubing. Even though this brings a rush, these twists can also bring a bit of danger your way. So if you're one for safety, I'd suggest kayaking in a nice, calm lake for starters!



Do you want to get really daring? Well then four-wheeling might be something to try out! Going off road over hills and through mud in a four wheel drive vehicle will definitely fulfill your adventurous need! Anything daring has its risks so just be sure that you're riding with a professional and you have your helmet on! Other than that, enjoy the ride and go get muddy!



I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to try surfing! I may be a pro at surfing the web but I think I'd have a little more trouble surfing the waves! Even though it might take a lot of practice, surfing is still a really daring thing to do! So if you live by the coast or you are going to vacation or visit, you should definitely consider surfing! I'm sure that gliding along those ocean waves is an absolutely amazing experience and you will love it!



If you don't live by the coast then maybe you should consider the cousin of surfing the waves and try boarding the snow! Just like surfing, snowboarding is something you have to learn and develop a talent for. But after you get the basics down you can go off, learn new tricks, and get a lot better with time! And even if you only go once, at least you can say you've done it!



Doesn't shooting paint out of a paint-ball gun at a family member or friend sound like the funnest thing ever? However, getting hit with one is not exactly a walk in the park. Although paint balls can hurt, many people think that the sport is worth it! There are professional teams all over the world and huge competitions where teams battle it out! But even the pros wear protective gear, so make sure you do the same! So get suited up and go shoot paint at people!

So now that you know the best daring things to do, are you going to go try any? Just remember that whatever new, daring adventure you go on, be as safe as possible and just have fun! You get 100 years, so go make the best of them! Do you have any more daring things to do that I missed?

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Hoooo boy yeah you better not attempt any of these CRAZY things when you're OLD, like in your THIRTIES!!

paint-balling is my life

I've done all of these and I'm only 13! Yay! Score.

Teehee, four wheeling is number four � I really want to try this!

Not very daring stuff haha

I've gone kayaking too. It's probably easier for me because I'm 12 compared to 20 something

Paintball hurts like hell!!

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