7 Productive Things to do in Your Free Time ...


7 Productive Things to do in Your Free Time ...
7 Productive Things to do in Your Free Time ...

Whenever you have a lot of free time, you always look for the most productive things to do, so you can get the most out of your time, right? Well at least that's how I am! And I've found that there are some really productive things to do that are sometimes forgotten! There is always things to catch up on and it is easy to do them when you're not busy! Here's some of the things I do whenever I have the time.

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So maybe you're not the clean freak like I am but whenever I have free time I automatically start picking up dirty clothes, vacuuming, or dusting. I figure that if I'm not going to do anything for a bit, I might as well have a neat house to do nothing in! Maybe a little weird, but it really makes you feel better when you have a nice, clean living space. It's one of the most productive things to do and helps you feel very accomplished!



Maybe it's the clean freak in me talking again but whenever I have free time I like to catch up on doing laundry. This way I don't have to worry about not having the right outfit cleaned and ready to go when I need it. I can just grab and go!



Although you are hopefully always thinking even when you're busy, this is actually a very productive activity to do when you're not doing anything! Being able to sit down with no distractions or busy people around you enables you to really get to know yourself. Thinking or meditating can help you get to a much better mental state. If you're into this kind of thing, it can be one of the most productive and fulfilling things you'll ever try.


Don't Think

Yes, I know I seem like I'm contradicting myself here but not thinking can be just as productive as spending time to think. Of course you can't really "not think" because your brain is constantly working. But what I really mean is relaxing. You're a busy person and when you get a little free time you need to be able to treat yourself to a little relaxation! Go get that bottle of bubbles and turn on the hot water because you deserve it!



Remember that book that you were really excited to read, got half way through, and then totally forgot about? Go get it, open it up, and enjoy yourself. This definitely counts as being productive because you're working your brain! Everyone knows how healthy reading is, so why not give your brain some exercise and go explore another world for a bit! It's so fun to leave reality and go have an adventure or read about a steamy romance. You'll definitely thank me later.


Work out

I can't tell you how many days I have skipped working out because I don't have enough time. Between school, work, and sleep, I barely have time to blink! But when I get a little bit of time to myself, I put on those running shoes and go for a jog or grab a pair of hand weights and work on toning. Exercising is helpful not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. When you have a happy body, you have a happy mind. And when you're happy, every aspect of life seems so much better.


Get Creative

Arts and crafts used to be centered around children but nowadays we have big girl projects to work on! Rearranging your furniture or finding the perfect decor is like bringing out the childhood creativity in you. You can even work on some great DIY projects. They are super easy, save you money, and are a lot of fun! Getting creative is a great way to be productive and have pure fun at the same time.

For some people free time is a rarity. So you definitely want to make the most of it! And catching up on those chores, delving deeper into your brain, or getting a little exercise can definitely contribute to your productive goal. What do you do when you have free time? Are you more productive during your free time or when you are busy? Let me know!

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