7 Daring Things to do While You're Young ...


Are you the kind of person who is always looking for new daring things to do or try? Well even if you'd rather stay inside and read a book like I would like to do, there are still times where I want to break out and try something exciting! But I also make sure that exciting things are as safe as possible, so no jumping off a waterfall or anything of that nature! But if you're looking for some daring things to do, check out these ideas!

1. Zip-lining

Well you've asked for daring things to do and this is definitely one of them! Zip-lining is a crazy experience that is both terrifying and a whole load of fun! Who wouldn't want to glide down a cord with nothing but the force of gravity acting as your motor? But no worries! You'd be attached with a harness or a bar so you can't fall. Maybe this isn't for those of you who have a fear of heights, but even if you do, you should try this to get over your fear. You only live once, plus when you're old you'll have the best stories to tell!

Slip N' Slide
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