7 Classy Ways to Handle Awkward Situations like a Lady ...

No matter how comfortable you are with yourself or in group settings, you're bound to have a few awkward moments. Instead of freaking out over them, you can handle them with dignity and grace. It's not as tough as it sounds, so don't stress out too much about it. Here are a few ways to handle awkward situations like a lady:

1. Be Present

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If you want to look like a lady, you shouldn't tear out your phone while at a dinner party, no matter how awkward you're feeling. Try to remain present in the moment, so that you don't appear rude. Even if you have nothing to contribute to the conversation, you can still show everyone that you're listening.

2. Apologize

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If you've placed yourself in an awkward situation by saying something rude or making a big mistake, say sorry. Don't give any crazy excuses about why you did what you did. Be honest and things will work out better for you. Most of the time, when you hurt someone's feelings, all they want is that apology. It's as simple as that, and it'll make you appear mature.

3. Laugh if off

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If you accidentally waved at a stranger or called someone by the wrong name, laugh it off. If you can think of something silly to say to diffuse the awkwardness of the situation, then go for it. You don't need to be serious all the time. Call yourself out on your mistake and laugh about it.

4. Excuse Yourself

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If you're at a gathering that's too awkward to stand, don't just run off. Even though you want to sneak out the backdoor without saying goodbye to anyone, you need to be a lady by excusing yourself. You could either run to the bathroom in order to calm down and have some time away from them, or you could find a reason to leave entirely. Just make sure that you're polite about it.

5. Clear Your Mind

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Sometimes a situation isn't actually awkward--you're just perceiving it that way. That means that instead of leaving the room, all you have to do is change the way you're looking at your situation. Are you only feeling awkward, because you assume that others are thinking mean things about you? They probably aren't, so wipe that thought from your mind and get on with your day.

6. Have a Bite

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You don't want to stuff your mouth with food, but if you're at a party, it helps to stand by the snack table or have a drink in your hand. That way, you can take a sip during awkward pauses in order to feel more comfortable. It's an easy fix for when you're feeling embarrassed.

7. Pay Attention to Body Language

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When you're embarrassed, it's easy to hunch your shoulders, bite your nails, and try to hide away. However, if you want to look like a lady, you need to watch your body language. Keep your back straight, your head up, and your smile on, even when you're feeling your most awkward.

No matter how confident or optimistic you are, you'll eventually end up stuck in some awkward situations. As long as you can grin and bear it, it'll be over soon and you can feel better about yourself for fighting through the embarrassment. How do you handle awkward situations?

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