7 Changes to Help You Realize Your Potential ...

Are there times when you may underestimate and not realize your potential? It is easy to doubt yourself and be overwhelmed of the uncertainty of failure. We have all done this at some point in our lives, but the important decision you make is whether you will stay uncertain or choose to get up and realize your potential. If we do not try and give it our all, we are missing out, so take a leap of faith. Realize your potential because you can do anything you put your mind and dedication into.

1. Believe in Yourself

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If you do not believe in yourself then who will? Stop thinking about your dreams and use this time to pursue them. Realize your potential so you can achieve your dreams!

2. Remove All Self Doubt

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Stop debating on if you can reach your goals and realize you can do anything. As scared as you may be, achieving your dreams will be well worth it. Stop any self-doubt and realize you can do anything! Winners were not born as winners, they worked hard to achieve this win.

3. Make Sure You Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthy

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When you exercise, you can see and prove your potential to yourself. Within a few shorts weeks of training, you will be able to run a mile or more. You also may even find you can do regular pushups and plank for a longer time. As you exercise, you may find yourself making better food choices and being all that you can be!

4. Have Faith

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Have faith in yourself and who you are, what you have achieved and all that you continue to do each day. The most successful athletes show their full potential by having faith.

5. See the Good in Others

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I try to always see the good in others and if you live this way, viewing life in rose colored glasses, you will have a more positive life. Help your friends and family to start accentuating their ability to reach their potential. If we all worked together to help one another, everyone would achieve more. So accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative for yourself and everyone around you!

6. Go for the Gold

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When I run races I never enter a race just to run, I race to win. This does not mean I always win but I often win or finish strong. It doesn’t matter whether you finish first, last, or somewhere in the middle as long as you try your best, as if you are going for the gold. Unleash your potential by giving your all into everything you do!

7. Be All That You Can Be

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Be all that you can be is such a great motto. Although I am the daughter of an Air Force father and this is an Army motto, it is so true! We can all do anything, be anything if we give it our all. So stop thinking about what you should be doing and start doing it. I once made a plan to myself to never sit and dwell on what I should be doing and instead use that time to just do it! So go ahead and follow your dreams. You only have one life, so live it right and achieve all your dreams!

Hope I have inspired you to reach your potential. What are your dreams and how will you achieve them? I have so many dreams that lie ahead, but my greatest dream that I now live is being a mother to three of the best little children!

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