17 Body Truths ✌🏼 No Woman 🚫 Should Be Ashamed of 😢 ...

I am so sick of body shaming. I'm sick of fat shaming, skinny shaming, ass shaming, and boob shaming. I'm sick of being people shamed for the color or texture of their skin, for their makeup or their lack of makeup, for their clothing or lack of clothing, for their leg hair and arm hair and pit hair. I'm just sick of it. Don't feel bad about your body – no matter what. These are body truths no woman – no one – should ever be ashamed about. And I am calling out that bullshit.

1. Making Body Decisions That Work for You

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You have full body autonomy. Your body is yours. You may choose to stop shaving your legs. You may wear crop tops that show off your stretch marks. GOOD. Keep doing it.

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