11 Ways to Be More Positive at Work ...

By Alison

11 Ways to Be More Positive at Work ...

Most of us need to work in order to earn a living and since we spend a huge portion of our lives working, it’s imperative that we find ways to be more positive at work. Work isn’t solely economic; we associate our self worth with what we do, we go to work to stay occupied and generally want to be fulfilled by our life's work. I frequently hear about the number of people that aren’t satisfied in their jobs (those that are lucky enough to have them right now). As a result, I’ve come up with some ways to be more positive at work and evoke a lighter-hearted attitude towards it.

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1 Arrive on Time

One of the ways to be more positive at work is to arrive on time and by the same token, get a head start on your commute. Depending on the work you do and how structured your work environment is, there may or may not be demands to arrive at a certain time. However, I’m advocating that in order to be your best during the workday, try to arrive on time.

2 Don’t Constantly Check E-mails

During a training session at my last job, we were told not to check e-mails first thing when we arrived nor constantly throughout the day. Instead, they recommended setting aside one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon purely to read, check and respond to e-mails. That way, you can truly devote a dedicated chunk of time to e-mail communications and not feel so scattered by them.

3 Host Meetings outside

I never really enjoyed meetings unless there was something useful to glean from them. Women tend to schedule meetings less than men as we organize them only when they're absolutely necessary. If you're hosting lots of meetings, try and find new locations for them, like a park bench, coffee shop, or hold a working lunch. By switching up the location, you’ll find everyone comes back to work in better spirits and with a better work ethic!

4 Pace Yourself

Frequent breaks, whether to your local coffee shop or walks outside, will reinvigorate you to help you tackle your workload with renewed concentration levels. It’s a fact that teens and healthy adults can remain focused for 40 minutes on a sustained task (depending on the task), but after that, our attention span wanes. The best remedy is to pace yourself and take frequent breaks. Your eyes will thank you too!

5 Holiday Days

In line with the frequent breaks, planning special holiday days and actually taking a vacation away from work will not only give you something to look forward to, but it is healthy too. They're also known as ‘mental health days’!

6 Avoid Gossip

A lot of people don’t realize they’re gossiping at work. Aside from being aware it’s going on (as in it literally happens everywhere), try not to get too involved in gossip. Remember to treat others as you want to be treated yourself and by avoiding small talk, you’ll naturally be more positive and in tune with your higher self.

7 Collaborate

I always work better when I can bounce ideas off fellow co-workers and brainstorm. I know it’s not for everyone, but there is more power and creativity in the esprit de corps, than in individual work.

8 Don’t Get Attached to the Outcome

Try not to set your heart on the outcome of the work you do. I know it might sound strange, but in reality this is possibly the best piece of career advice out there. First of all, you can’t control everything in life; instead consciously work to surrender any attachments to the outcome of your work, and you’ll be surprised just how less anxious you’ll become. It may take time to detach yourself, so try working on it hour by hour, day by day, and over time, you’ll realize you won’t get so disappointed when things don’t turn out the way you expected them to, nor will you feel like a victim every time your boss blames you for something.

9 Work as Service

Another great piece of wisdom is to learn to do your work as ‘service.’ I don’t mean in the type of work you do (I’m not suggesting you become a waitress or flight attendant), but in the type of attitude you bring. When you do something for the sake of your community or the planet, your internal attitude shifts. Try asking yourself, ‘what can I give’? Or, ‘how can I make this better?’ The answer should be something larger than your own needs and perhaps your ‘service’ could be to listen more to your co-workers or bring more presence and integrity to your work.

10 Find Work That Suits

Another way to be positive at work is to align with your core values. Work that fits you is generally something you’re good at. Although, sometimes the work you’re good at doesn’t support you financially (usually the case with yogis, artists, writers and actors), so you’ll need to hone in on both your skills and your core values in order to get by financially.

11 Full Attention

Try throwing yourself fully into tasks at work (the same way you exercise or spend time with your friends and family at weekends)! Approaching your work with your whole self, your fullest presence, will help you overcome your resistance and manage distractions. You’re less likely to make mistakes or get lost in unconscious behaviors, like gossiping and complaining as a result.

I hope that you get to put some of of these ways to make your daily grind more positive into practice, and do your best work each day. What are some tips you have to be more positive at work?

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Liked the idea of set up meetings outside the officespace. Looking forward to implementing this idea.


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