7 Beneficial Tips to Start Your Day Right ...

By Jessica

7 Beneficial Tips to Start Your Day Right ...

Do you ever wish that there was a "do over" button some days when you didn't follow those tips to start your day right? Well, here is a sure-fire, simple list that will keep you from hopefully having another bad start to your day! There are some things that certainly are out of our control, but how you wake up and greet the day is not one of them. So here are a few tips to start your day right that I think you will resonate with you!

Table of contents:

  1. go to bed early
  2. don't hit the snooze button
  3. do a 15 minute yoga session
  4. take a shower
  5. eat a nutritious breakfast
  6. drink coffee or tea
  7. set goals for the day

1 Go to Bed Early

I am a night owl and always have been. I am also blessed to be able to stay home with my son, who has always been a late sleeper. This means I generally don't have motivation to get up early unless I have plans. However, I've found that one of the tips to start your day right is taking the time to go to bed at a reasonable hour. When I do that, I'm able to get up before my son does, have some quiet time alone to drink my coffee, read and just prepare my mind and body for the day. For those of you who work outside the home, it is especially important to get enough sleep at night so you are at your best the next day!

2 Don't Hit the Snooze Button

Did you know that hitting the snooze button can actually make you more tired once you finally do get up? This is because your sleep is being interrupted constantly instead of that one initial alarm that's needed to wake you. Once you're in a regular rhythm of bedtime and waking up in the morning, your body will naturally wake up when it needs to and your alarm won't be as difficult to bear in the morning.

3 Do a 15 Minute Yoga Session

Yoga is amazing for waking up the body, circulating the blood, getting your brain in a more active state and feeling fresh and alive. In the morning before getting ready, do a simple, 10-15 minute yoga routine for an energy boost and welcoming the day in!

4 Take a Shower

Showering daily is not only good for personal hygiene, but it also leaves you feeling fresh, clean and ready to go. It's the invigorating start to your day you don't wanna miss out on. Remember that you don't need to wash your hair daily- in fact, unless you have exceptionally oily hair, washing it daily can strip it of the natural oils and cause dryness and breakage. So, showering shouldn't take that much time and you'll feel loads better!

5 Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

Don't underestimate the importance of eating a good breakfast in the morning. Proper nutrition ramps up your metabolism for the day and nourishes your body after hours without food. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will slow, you'll drag your feet and won't be very productive. So remember to eat in the morning!

6 Drink Coffee or Tea

Caffeine naturally lifts your spirits because it's a stimulant. When I'm feeling a little down, I like to drink a nice hot cup of coffee or tea and I feel tons better. Sometimes you just need that little something extra for energy and a mood booster.

7 Set Goals for the Day

Lastly, think about what you want to achieve for the day and set realistic expectations to meet those goals. It could be simple like running important errands, making a doctor's appointment or meeting a friend. Whatever you have on your agenda, make sure you prioritize what needs to get done by making a to-do list. You'll set the tone for the day when you make plans for what's ahead!

Isn't it nice to know that some things are in our control for how your day starts off? You can choose to be proactive about how you greet your day and enter it with a smile on your face. Do you have a routine that you follow in the morning? What's your favorite part of waking up?

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