7 Awesome Reasons to Be Spontaneous & Fearless Always ...

Sometimes being spontaneous and fearless is just what we all need from time to time; we all just need to find reasons to be spontaneous and fearless always. It can be scary sometimes to let go of your routine and go with the flow because it is riskier, but it can also create memories and lessons. The most spontaneous and fearless moments are the best moments life could ever give us. These moments give us stories to tell, and memories to reminisce in the future. Here are some reasons to be spontaneous and fearless always that will make you feel better.

1. Happiness

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This is one of the most reasonable reasons to be spontaneous and fearless always. We are all fearless of something in life, but living in fear is like punishing yourself for no reason. Obviously you can’t just become spontaneous and fearless all at once. It takes time and needs to be taken one step at a time. Enjoying these crazy little moments only brings happiness into your life.

2. No Regrets

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Like they say, in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Living in fear takes us away from all the opportunities life has in store for us. Being afraid to do something you really want to do will only make you regret not doing it in the future. So take a chance and be fearless, step by step. Of all the moments I have experienced through spontaneity, I regret none of them, whether they are good or bad.

3. It’s Fun!

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The best part of going with the flow and being fearless all at the same time is that it’s fun! We are able to enjoy those reckless, random moments without having to worry about anything. I can be spontaneous and fearless always just for this feeling. Once you feel what it is like, you get addicted for life. The most unplanned moments in time bring so much joy to us, what more can we ask for right?

4. Stories to Tell

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You know how in the movies, the cool grandma tells the teenager in need their crazy stories as a teenager to give hope and inspiration? Yeah, we could totally be that grandma. Being spontaneous and fearless now will not only benefit us now, but benefit us in the future. Don’t we all want that splash of awesome in our life to reminisce about?

5. Knowledge

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Being spontaneous and living in the moment allows us to learn something new, whether it is good or bad. Whether it be finding your new favorite restaurant to learning a life changing lesson. Either way we still gain knowledge.

6. Gain Experience

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It’s kind of like when we were little, we were taught to color only inside of that line. There is no rule as to coloring inside of the line, we could always explore and be creative outside of the lines. Just like that we can be fearless and spontaneous and experience what is outside of those lines.

7. You Only Live Once

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We only live once, so why not make this life a memorable and meaningful one? There are many ways to be spontaneous. Through the little things and big things. Being fearless is really hard to do unless you have faith in yourself.

A lot of us think about the cons of being spontaneous and fearless. It is important to be aware of them but it is equally important to be aware of the good things that come along. How have you been spontaneous and fearless in your life? I’d definitely love to know!

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