7 Outstanding Reasons for Women to Pursue an Education ...


7 Outstanding Reasons for Women to Pursue an Education ...
7 Outstanding Reasons for Women to Pursue an Education ...

Living in modern times and the constant advancement of society, there are plenty of sound reasons for women to pursue an education! As a college grad myself, I can say with confidence that my years at a university were some of the most rewarding years of my life, in more ways than one. It's never too late to want to better yourself with more knowledge and listed below are some fantastic reasons for women to pursue an education! I hope you are inspired!

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Advances Your Career Goals

This is one of the most obvious reasons for women to pursue an education. With our current standing of educated women, it's so awesome to have a career goal and follow through with it! More and more women are becoming doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, and hopefully someday, presidents! All these careers used to be geared toward men only and now are changing course. This is powerful, ladies, because it breeds a future generation of unlimited opportunity!


Knowledge is Power

Being a knowledgeable person, about either a specific subject or various areas of study, is incredibly beneficial. Ignorance isn't an attractive quality to have because it can lead to difficulties, hardship and even a lack of trust in your capabilities. Be informed, stay educated- there is more potential for those who pursue an education and in reality, all achievements in life are bred from knowledge, which is true power! And no one can take away your knowledge, it's part of your identity.


Education is Never Wasted

Any amount of education is beneficial! Even if you don't end up completing your college career with a degree in hand, the experience of learning, acquiring knowledge and opening your mind to a new way of thinking is simply incredible! I have an undergrad in science with a focus in education and a minor in geology. Kind of random considering I have no interest in becoming a teacher. But for me, as a stay at home mom, I am more equipped than ever to train and teach my kids in their education careers and just life in general! And I have a passion for science which I hope to pass on to my kids! So, love and appreciate your education even if you don't use it professionally.


Ability to Add Depth to Conversation

Deeper conversations are born from broader understanding. College allows you to facilitate better communication skills along with acquired knowledge that you wouldn't necessarily have gained otherwise. It's a definite advantage!


Acquired Life-Skills

There are so many life skills you learn while being in school. It teaches you to be proactive, to think outside the box, to be diligent and hard working, to meet and exceed your goals, to manage your time well, and to maintain healthy relationships. These are vital life skills that allow you to become a more successful person in all areas of life. That's so amazing to me!


Lifetime Relationships

The friendships you make in college are ones you'll hang on to for years to come. You spend so much time with the same people in your field of study that it's easy to become connected and bonded over a shared passion. And at the end of it all, while graduation approaches, you'll desire to stay in touch with your friends even if you end up on different continents, because that connection will always remain.


Broadens Your Perspective Globally

Education broadens your global perspective and thus opens your eyes to the realities of our world. It puts you outside of yourself and you're able to grasp how the world operates as a whole and see just how incredibly diverse and beautiful it is. Many people find their passions in college, even if they change multiple times, because you're faced with so many diverse courses and subjects!

For those of you ladies who have had a college experience, what was one thing you took away from it that really impacted you? If college is in your future, I hope this inspired you to pursue your goals and passions! What are you looking forward to most about attending college?

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Your mind becomes idle once it stops learning- MBA guru

It also proves that we can do something, and we can do it in high heels(not everyone is in high heels, but you get the point)

I am 26, I graduated high school at 15, and attempted college on and off for 6 years but had such bad anxiety and perfectionism that i kept dropping out. My take away is to LEARN at school, don't "do" school (that will make sense to other perfectionists). But I'm excited after 7 years of DBT I'm going back to college next fall yay!

good article

Everyone can work, but not everyone can study...regardless of gender, if you are able to pursue education I truly believe you should, but don't ever do it it because it is everyone else thinks you should, follow your heart :)

It's a surprise how men think we need to survive off of them when we can just as well be the same to them..

Love this!!!

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