7 Amazing Reasons You're Lucky to Be Alive ...

By Holly

You should never let yourself forget the reasons you’re lucky to be alive. The world is an incredible place, and we’re all blessed to be a part of it. How could you take such a marvelous location for granted? There are hundreds of reasons you’re lucky to be alive, but here are a few of the biggest ones.

1 Best of Times

Have you ever wished you grew up in a different time period? Many people do, but you have to remember that we currently live in a time where people are accepted more than they’ve ever been. We still have work to do, but everyone’s rights are progressing. Be thankful that you live in a time where most people are open-minded. One of the reasons you’re lucky to be alive is because you have more freedom than your ancestors had.

2 Admirable Nature

Don’t lock yourself inside of the house. When you can, take time away from your electronics to admire the world’s natural wonders. It’s hard to hate life when every leaf and star are so beautifully designed.You live on the same planet as these impressive creations, so doesn’t that make you beautiful as well? We’re lucky to share the Earth with such gorgeous plants and animals.

3 Erratic Emotions

You might hate being human, because of the wide range of emotions that we have, but that shouldn’t be so. Think about how incredible our minds are. By seeing a puppy wag its tail, we can burst into a grin. By catching a glimpse of the man we love, our stomachs can flutter. There are plenty of negative emotions that we have to suffer through, but they’re well worth it when you feel the positive ones.

4 Future Potential

There are people less fortunate than us, who don’t get to live past their childhood. In honor of them, live life to its fullest. You’re still growing, and have the potential to do whatever you’d like to do. Every moment that you’re alive is special. Don’t forget how fragile life is, and be the best person that you can be.

5 Change the World

With life, comes power. You can make music, make cookies, or make children. You can alter the world, however slightly. Although you’re only one person, you can affect someone else, who can affect someone else. You might even change someone’s life entirely.

6 All the Adventures

The world is full of adventures that are waiting for you. You can travel the world, go skydiving, or take a short road trip. With the right timing, anything is a possibility. You’re lucky to be alive, because there are so many different ways you can choose to live. It all depends on what kind of person you want to be, and what kind of stories you want to tell.

7 Higher up

You're lucky to be a human being, because we have the best set up. Not only are we the highest on the food chain, but we're able to manage those below us. We have dogs and cats as pets, which we can rescue and raise as our own. We can protect animals if we choose to do so. No other creature has the same amount of freedom and free will as we do.

Value your life. The world is a special place that we have to learn to love. What makes you feel the most alive?

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