8 Stellar Tips for Dealing with Bullies ...


Bullying affects everyone. From family bullying to school and work bullying, everyone is likely to be the victim of a bully sooner or later – and that’s why there are so many great initiatives to provide support for victims, aiming to stop bullying once and for all. I mean, how good would a world without bullies be?! Here are some great tips for dealing with bullies that you might not have heard before. Check them out!

1. Accept That the Bully Has the Issue

This might sound like a cliché, and it can be really difficult to believe if you’re currently a victim. It’s true, though. Bullying comes from a place of real pain and insecurity, and it’s often projected at people who the bully envies, or whom appear to be easy targets. You might not think that this is true, but when you recognize it, it’ll downgrade the bullying in your mind.

Look for Positives
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