These Choices WIll Make You a Role Model to Women Everywhere ...


These Choices WIll Make You a Role Model to Women Everywhere ...
These Choices WIll Make You a Role Model to Women Everywhere ...

Want to know the ways to be a good role model so your friends, family and children can look up to you? To be a good role model, you should be living your life the right way by making balanced choices in your love life, mentally and physically. Look around at the people that you spend the most time with. You just may be surprised at how many look up to you already. So make the best choices and follow these ways to be a good role model so you can be remembered as a legacy for life.

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Know Who You Are

One of the most important ways to be a good role model is to know who you are. Once you embrace who you are, you can point out your strengths and weaknesses and get in touch with this. Until you know who you are, you will feel uncertain of your future goals. So get in touch with yourself today!


Do Good Deeds

Help an elderly neighbor mow their lawn, visit local charities and volunteer and do good deeds day to day. Helping others is important because if you have the capability to do so, you should pay it forward. When is the last time you did a good deed? I bet you felt amazing after you completed this deed. There is no better feeling than helping and asking for nothing in return!


Be Positive

To be a good role model, become an inspiration in your positive approach to life. Life is what you make of it, so accentuate the good and change your life to eliminate or at least diminish the bad. And do not be so quick to get upset or angry, take a more upbeat approach to life!


Make Healthy Food Choices

To be a great role model to your children, family and friends, you must first fuel your body the healthy way. So make food choices that better your health rather than eating through your cravings. Learn to enjoy the healing value of food and savor each bite that you eat!


Exercise and Encourage Others to Join

Make sure you make exercise part of your daily routine so that it becomes a healthy habit. Encourage your friends and family to join you so that you can all make a change in your health together. Make a commitment to exercise at a specific time every day so this becomes your priority!


Identify Bad Habits and Resolve Them

We all have bad habits and no one is perfect, but if your habits are hurting you or the people around you, it’s time to make a change. Resolve your bad habits and make new, healthy habits. The key to change is knowing what you have to change and being ready for this.


Apologize and Admit Mistakes

When you make a mistake or if you hurt a loved one, be ready to apologize and admit your mistakes. When people are not honest with themselves and too proud, they find themselves living in a bubble, rather than facing reality. So admit when you are wrong and spend the time thinking about your decisions before you make them. These are all choices you make in your life each day.

So with your goals to be a good role model, are you ready to live your life in the best way? Then make sure you think about your choices, be the best you and live your life as a legacy! Go ahead and be the very best you!

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