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7 Helpful Tips for Strong Women Who Feel Judged by Other Women ...

By Sabrina

You’ve worked hard for your strength, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, but you still may be judged by other women who believe a woman should be docile and gentle. For starters—forget them! But unfortunately, judgement from other women isn’t always so easy to overcome, so here are some tips to help you stay confident about your strength despite feeling judged by other women.

1 Remember Why You’re Strong

You didn’t become a strong woman for no reason. You started devoting more time to building up self-esteem, excelling in your career, exercising, or studying because it was important to you. Maybe you didn’t know many strong women growing up and you want to prove to yourself what you’re capable of, or you were surrounded by strong women and want to live up to the expectations you set for yourself. Regardless of why you became a strong woman, remember the root motivation and you’ll be able to ignore judgement from other women more easily.

2 Surround Yourself with Support

If you balance judgement with support, the burden won’t be so hard to bear. Women are raised to be competitive with one another from a young age, so it’s difficult to find women who are willing to support each other and build one another up. But when you have friends and family who love and care for you, I’m sure you’ll feel more proud of your strength than insecure about what other women might think.

3 Talk to Them

If the person you feel harsh judgement from is someone you know, just talk to her! Talking things out almost always helps two individuals understand each other better. As long as both of you are open to hearing each other’s opinions without fighting, you might begin to see one another in a new light. You might even end up encouraging her to do some soul-searching, and she’ll discover her inner strength, too!

4 Think about the Positive Influence You’ll Have

You may have become a strong woman for yourself, but it isn’t all about you. The younger generation needs role models to inspire them to be all they can be without fear of betraying their femininity. You can be that light that guides them to embracing their strength and pursuing their aspirations fearlessly! How rewarding will knowing that be? So forget the haters and focus on all of the good you are doing by just being yourself unapologetically!

5 Put Yourself in Their Shoes

You know what it’s like to be a 21st century woman: tough! There are double standards around every corner, fear of disappointing others, a constant juggling act, and contrasting desires of your heart. Being a woman who’s feminine in a traditional sense would be an easier option than being a strong yet feminine woman in a man’s world. Women who judge you for being strong can’t imagine being as brave as you; they may be jealous, or think you’re betraying your sex. That’s why they judge you, not because you’re actually doing anything wrong.

6 What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

It’s a cliched term, I know, but it’s really applicable here! Words and silent glares aren’t going to kill you, but they can make you stronger. Take their judgements and just know that the fact people are thinking of you means you are making waves!

7 Look to past Role Models

I hate to break it to you, but if you think you’re some new breed of woman, you’re not the first strong woman. Rather, when you decide to become that “strong independent woman” type, you join a vast community of inspiring women that spans across centuries! Find an inspiration to remind you that all judgement against you is useless—from Oprah to Amelia Earhart, from Harriet Tubman to Joan of Arc, you can find women throughout time who have demonstrated strength despite judgement and shattered glass ceilings because of it.

It’s disappointing that women still face judgement simply for pursuing strength in various aspects of their lives. But always remember, no matter how much cruelty from other women you have to deal with, it’s always worth it! Do you have any words of wisdom for strong women who feel judged by other women?

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