A Dingo's Deprive by Aaron Solomon ...


A Dingo's Deprive by Aaron Solomon ...
A Dingo's Deprive by Aaron Solomon ...

A Dingo’s Deprive by Aaron Solomon

Dear grandma you wouldn’t believe what I’m going through,
I’m still trying to keep my head up,
Just like I promised you,
Ever since you left your dingo girl’s been dealing with problem after problem,
Don’t know what all I’m supposed to do,
I’m getting lost at times,
The world’s a scary place,
Look in the mirror at times and see no smiling face,
And then the tears flow down like a rainstorm,
Don’t know how long I can last this,
I know my heart and brain can’t take no more,
All these questions deep inside my mind,
And I’m steady fixing,
Trying to slow and unwind,
I’m still trying to get the answer why,
You were healthy eight nine and you had to die,
And now it seems like the more works I make,
The more bullshit ya’ll try to create,
The more I try to move into the positive,
The more ya’ll just don’t wanna let me live,
When will you get it through your thick skulls that I don’t owe you shit,

Need to get up off my ass,
And go to find your own clique,
Pulling patches of fur to keep from snapping,
These fucking fools in my grill,
They always steady keep yapping,
So many tears I’ve cried,
So many years I’ve tried,
It fucking still ain’t get no better,
This music helps me brace myself,
Helps me through all my stormy weather,
So take a lesson from this pups,
I know your times all may be tough,
But you can learn to get by,
Even when it seems it’s rough

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