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Look Here to Stop the Busyness Already

By Deeceebee

Whether it is the state of your professional life, whether it is things in your personal life, or more likely whether it is a combination of the two, people on average feel much more busy now than they ever have! It’s good to be occupied on a regular basis, but when things start to get on top of you and the do list gets longer and longer with no respite, it can start to have an effect on your mental health! Here are some tips for tackling busy-ness on a personal level.

1 Try to Live in the Moment as Much as Possible, Because if You Spend Too Much Time Thinking about the Future and the Things That Have to Be Done, You Will Completely Forget to the Enjoy the Process of the Present

2 Even Though It Might Feel like You Are Busier than Your Ancestors Must Ever Have Been, the Thing to Remember is That That Just Isn’t True. Families Back in the Day Didn’t Tend to Have Half as Much Help and Privilege!

3 Remember That Busy-ness is a Choice. You Choose to Be Busy, Which in Turn Means That You Can Choose to Be Less Busy!

4 Life Isn’t Always a Competition. There Are Times when You Need to Be Busy to Get the Job Done and Get Ahead, but in Most Circumstances in Your Personal Life, There is Always Something That Can Wait so You Can Have Some Rest

5 Sit down and Really Confront Your Work Routine. Are There Clear Areas Where You Could Be Making Changes for the Better? if so, then Be Proactive about Doing That

6 Focusing Too Much on Time and Self Imposed Deadlines Only Serves to Make You More Anxious about Finishing Everything. Most of the Things That You Are Striving to Finish Aren’t Actually Classed as Urgent Tasks Anyway!

7 Women Are Good at Multitasking, but It Isn’t Always the Best Way to Go about Things. if You Can Focus on One Task and Tick Them off One by One, You Will Feel More Positive and Productive That Having Three Things Unfinished at Any Given Time

8 You Need to Be More Strict with Yourself when It Comes to Switching off from Work Mode when You Leave the Office. Try Not to Let Your Job Interfere with Your Social Time

9 Be Mindful of the Dangers That Compulsive Working Can Have on Your Physical and Mental Health. Being a Workaholic Will Always Lead to Fatigue

10 Do Your Best Not to Get Sidetracked by Smaller and Shorter Tasks. if You Stay Focused on the Big Things First, Your Mind Will Clear and Your Anxiety Will Reduce

11 You Shouldn’t Feel Pressured to Fill Your Calendar with Activities. if You Have a Free Week, Enjoy It. Don’t Organise Things for the Sake of It

12 Little Bursts of Busy Related Stress Are Completely Normal, but Machine like Anxiety and Pressure is Something That You Need to Try to Avoid at All Costs

13 Always Keep Your End Goals in Mind when Entering a Busy Period; Having That Light at the End of the Tunnel Can Keep You on Track

14 Always Make Some Time in Your Day to Just Sit Back and Daydream for a While. It’s Really Healthy to Allow Your Mind to Wonder Even when You Are Busy!

15 Learn to Enjoy the Quiet Satisfaction of Being Idle. You Don’t Always Have to Be Juggling Ten Things at Once to Be Doing Something Worthwhile

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