Don't 🚫 Give up, Cave in or Quit 💪!

Don’t give up, cave in or quit! The breakthrough is about to show up in your life! I once heard those words shouted out in my church days, but it wasn’t until now that I really appreciate it.

Sometimes in life, we feel like just giving up. Things get hard. People are difficult. Family is stressing you out. Bills and “Bill,” got you on edge. You just can’t seem to get ahead at work. Cable news has got you ready to jump out a window. You may feel like you just don’t know what to do. That could mean you’re on the brink of a breakthrough!

There is a lesson to be learned from that recent story about those young soccer players trapped in a cave with their coach over in Thailand. Apparently, a young coach led his team of kids down a long dark cave that was a couple of miles deep. Heavy downpours hit and then water flooded the cave, trapping all of them. It was all over the news.

After gaining worldwide attention, expert divers and rescuers came from all over the world to assess the situation and get them out. Some estimated it would take two months to get to them. Others said they would drown by rain water, if not starve to death. It looked bad.

To make things worse, more rain was on the way. Monsoon type rain. One Thai Navy Seal had already drowned trying to save them. It was looking worse than bad.

Suddenly… After round-the-clock efforts… Rescuers pluck four of the boys from the more than two-mile deep cave. But what about the others? Another rain storm was expected before they could re-enter. The rescue team was exhausted, but they pressed on. Soon the news broke, all remaining boys were out, including the coach! The entire world rejoiced! One Navy Seal said, “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what,” according to

Miracle, science or neither, I really had to check myself. When I heard there were a couple of more rain storms coming, I thought there was no way in hell they are going to get those boys out. I lost hope. This was not some basketball championship, or World Series comeback movie. There were lives on the line; an unforgiving cave and multiple rain storms. But still, they made it out. Thank God, I was wrong.

Not only is it important to keep your own pain and suffering in perspective, it’s important not to give up. What if the rescuers gave up? They could have said, “We already lost one diver, it’s too risky to continue,” but they pressed on and so can you.

Your breakthrough may be right around the corner. Sometimes when you are about to break, that is when you get a break. There is always hope even when you can’t see it. Keep in mind, they found out that the boys were in the cave because they left their bicycles at the mouth. That is hope, even though they couldn’t see it in the pit of that dark cave. They were just kids.

What is going on around you that you cannot see? Is someone working on your behalf? Who is looking at your resume or business plan? Who has an extra room in their house for you to stay? Even something as painful and embarrassing a bankruptcy can be just the breakthrough you needed. Yes, chapter 7 can be a new chapter!

This is not to say you beat a dead horse ‘till it dies again. There are times when you need to walk away from something. But if you are in school, on the job or in the home at the end of your rope… press on and press in cause the breakthrough is about to show up in your life!

Giving up is not an option when your heart is in the right place and you know what has to be done. I know someone who had six months left to complete their auto mechanic training to get their certificate. They gave up because they said they were sick of going to class. I know someone who paid thousands of dollars for graduate school up front, and dropped out in less than a month.

That was education. Is there something you have quit because it got a little too hard? I am not belittling anyone’s situation. What’s hard is hard. But, what if Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos said, “Online retail? It’s too hard.” What if Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg said, “I don’t feel like working and raising kids at the same time.” What if Martin Luther King said, “I’m too sleepy.”

All three of the above are extraordinary people, and so are you. Don’t give up on your dreams and visions for your life.

All you need is a can-do attitude. A “can-of-do.” This article is your can opener. Now get out there and kick some butt, ‘cause the breakthrough is about to show up in your life!


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