10 Ways to Deal πŸ™πŸΌ when You're Feeling 😩 Overwhelmed with Life 🌎 ...


Life’s not easy.

Most of us have more on our plate than we’d like to have.

This can lead to you feeling overwhelmed, especially when you’re starting the day.

Waking up feeling like you cannot get everything done that you need to do is difficult.

Here’re some helpful ways to deal with that.

1. Get Dressed Ready for the Day

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If you’re in your pjs then you’re not going to feel ready to tackle a busy day.

An occasional lazy day in pajamas is something we all need.2

But if you’re goal is to be productive then get out of the pjs!

Get dressed in real clothes πŸ‘š and take time to do your hair and makeup if that’s part of your usual routine.

Getting ready to face the day always helps me feel motivated.

2. Prioritize

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I’m going to share a little secret with you.

Not so long ago, my to-do list for each day was a mile long.

I often felt overwhelmed because there wasn’t any way I could complete everything I wanted to do.

I had to learn to prioritize.

I still make a to-do list but I don’t list more than 5 things on it.

Choosing the 5 most important things I need to accomplish helped me see what was important and what (little) things I needed to stop stressing over.3

3. Do Something That Soothes You

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All work and no play makes you a cranky girl, at least if you’re anything like me!

We all need balance in our life.

It’s good to have a strong work ethic but you also need downtime.

Taking time for something you enjoy or thatsoothes you can actually make you more productive because you’re well rested and not suffering from burnout.

Take time everyday for something you enjoy or something that helps you relax.

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