Heather Williams

7 Tips for How to Confront Someone Who Lied to You ...

Being lied to is not something any of us want to happen, yet with it being inevitable, knowing how to confront someone that lied to you is important. Lying is a chronic habit for some people, while others may lie to prevent hurting you. Others lie to cover up their mistakes, or to get their own way. Whatever the reasoning, you need to know how to confront someone that lied to you if you believe they are deceiving you. Ignoring it will only make the issue worse, while lashing out is not the best answer either. Whether your man cheated, or your friend stabbed you in the back, read these tips for how to confront someone that lied to you so you can handle yourself smart.

1. Trust Your Gut

If I could suggest only one thing about how to confront someone that lied to you, it would be to trust your gut! Your instincts are usually dead on, and that murky feeling you get in your stomach when you just believe something isn’t right, is usually your first sign. Even if just can’t quite put your finger on why you believe the other person is deceiving you, your inner warning sign should not be ignored.

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