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7 Ways to Deal with People Who Annoy You ...

By Jordin

There are lots of ways to deal with people who annoy you, but many of those ways can be rude, selfish, or inconsiderate. You can actually handle awkward and annoying situations with people who get under your skin without appearing rude! It takes self-control, and a little discipline, but once you get used to using these tips for dealing with annoying people, you’ll be able to smoothly flow through any conversation or confrontation with someone you don’t get along with well, and you won’t even feel bad afterwards! Read on to learn some neat ways to deal with people who annoy you!

1 Smile and Compliment Them

One of the top ways to deal with people who annoy you is to kill them with kindness! Do try to be sincere because most people can tell if you’re being fake. But if being fake is what it takes to keep your cool, then smile, and say something very nice in return to their comments. Even if it’s just asking them how they are doing, it’s better than exploding!

2 Don’t Lose Your Temper

Whatever you do, don’t lose your temper! As feelings escalate, things will just spiral right out of control before you even realize it. Keep your cool, and remember you can vent to your bestie or scream into a pillow later.


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3 Be Firm, Yet Polite

There are some types of people that won’t take no for an answer, or just can’t seem to pick up on subtle hints. If you find yourself dealing with these types of people, then be very clear about your requests and statements. Smile, and be polite, but stand firm. Then, follow through with your actions!

4 Watch Your Facial Expressions and Body Language

A person’s face and body language say it all. If you’re really starting to get ticked off, it can be hard to hide. Some people can sense this, and they feed off of it. If you’re in this situation, try to keep a smile or a neutral facial expression, and relaxed body language. If you can’t stand still, grab the person’s arm lightly and candidly say, “Walk with me,” as if you need to be somewhere.

5 Don’t Ignore Them

I know, we’re all tempted-and probably guilty-of this one a time or two! As tempting as it may be, don’t fall prey! Ignoring someone only gives him or her the smug satisfaction of knowing that you can’t stand him or her, and it usually doesn’t make him or her go away. Speak openly with them, but close down the conversation and move on after acknowledging their presence and/or requests.

6 Do Ignore Childish Jabs

Is someone throwing out hurtful words or childish jabs just to “get your goat”? These are the types of comments to ignore. Smoothly reply with a compliment or just change the subject, or even act like you didn’t hear them! Don’t appear inferior or crushed by these hurtful words, instead, keep a cool expression and show that you are more mature than stooping to a lower level!

7 When All else Fails, Walk Away

When you’ve tried everything on this list, and nothing is working, it’s time to take a cue and walk away. If necessary, stop the person mid-sentence with a light touch on the arm and say something like: “It’s been great chatting with you, but I’ve really got to be on my way. Have a great day!” Then turn and walk away.

I get it; there are some really annoying people out there. Some of them don’t realize that they are obnoxious and rude, but many people are rude just to get under your skin. Have you ever had to deal with these types of people? Please comment below and explain how you handled the situation!

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