7 Tips for Dealing with Someone Who is Difficult to Talk to ...


Have you ever had troubles dealing with someone who is difficult to talk to?

Whether it’s your neighbours, your friends, acquaintances or even family members, it’s important to know how you should be handling a bad conversationalist, in order to become a better conversationalist yourself!

This will ultimately make you more comfortable and confident with everyday conversation.

Here are some tips on dealing with someone who is difficult to talk to.

Good Luck!

1. The Talented One Who Can Speak without Breathing

The key to dealing with someone who simply won’t stop talking is to first understand why.

The trouble with this individual is that they lack the power of conversation, but not the power of speech.

You can change the topic or simply use conversation enders with body language, such as letting your gaze wander, or taking a small step away from them.

Be assertive and tell them you’re finding it difficult to take in everything they’re saying, then depart with a smile.

2. The Interrupter

People who interrupt aren’t bad people.

Most often, they don't understand the impact they’re having on people.

They are so intent on getting their point across that they walk all over yours, which can make you feel disconnected toward the person, with anger and/or resentment, making your relationship suffer.

Try your own, much more subtle, interruption, such as asking if they mind if you finish your point before you forget it (with a smile).

3. The Quiet One

This may mean they’re a hesitant speaker, slow to respond, shy or nervous.

Try to draw them out by asking them questions about themselves.

What are their interests?

What do they do for work or fun?

Ask them open-ended questions and try to avoid close-ended questions.

Remember to actively listen to what the person is saying and follow up with "how" and "why" questions.

If they’re still not contributing, let them be.

They may just be having an off day.

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