For Tall Girls, the Struggle is Real ...


The struggles of being a tall girl are real, people.

And only other tall girls are really going to get what you go through.

Although being tall has its advantages, it isnโ€™t without problems.

These are some of the common struggles of being a tall girl.

1. Jeans Are an Issue

One of the struggles of being a tall girl is finding a pair of jeans that really work for you.

Even jeans in the tall section donโ€™t always fit like they should.

And you can just forget enjoying the ease of walking in a store and buying a regular length pair.2

If that wasnโ€™t enough, you have to hear your petite friends talk about how their jeans are too long.

They can have theirs hemmed;

you canโ€™t exactly sew more on to yours.3

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