Undeniable 🙅🏿🙅🏻🙅🏽🙅🏼 Reasons That Make You a Better Person 😇 than You Think 💭 ...

Many of us suffer from low self-esteem.

We think that everyone else is better looking, more successful and more popular than we are.

It's also common to belittle our own achievements and make out that they're really not that significant, because we don't feel we deserve praise or that we've done anything to be proud of.

But we should all be proud of ourselves!

So if you're not that confident or you don't much like yourself, here's why you're a better person than you think …

1. You've Achieved a Lot

You probably think that you've not done much that's noteworthy in your life.

But if you had to write a list of everything you've done in your life, you'd realise that you've done all sorts of things.

Maybe you've coped with personal difficulties or health problems.

Perhaps you've done a lot to help other people.

Be as complimentary about yourself as you would other people.

People Admire You and Your Accomplishments