This is Why Crying is Good for Everyone ...


This is Why Crying is Good for Everyone ...
This is Why Crying is Good for Everyone ...

Sometimes one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to have a good cry. We often fight this impulse because we don’t want to give in and seem weak, but it’s actually a good thing every now and then. These are some reasons why crying is sometimes the best and healthiest thing for you. Many are very sensible when you think them over.

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You’re Keeping It Real

Allowing yourself to have a good cry is a great way to keep it real. If you’re feeling emotional then there are emotions there that need to be expressed. Denying your emotions is unhealthy, which is what you’re doing when you’re fighting the urge to cry. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. You’ll feel a lot better in the long run.


You’re Giving Your Emotions an Outlet

Emotions want to be felt and expressed. That doesn’t mean you should do so uncontrollably or in a way that’s hurtful to others. But it’s healthy to give your emotions an outlet, such as allowing yourself to cry when you feel the need. Keeping your feelings bottled up isn’t a good idea. They usually end up leaking out in a way we definitely don’t want them to when we try that.


It’s Physically Healthier for You

Crying is a physical release, which means it’s healthy for you. Holding all of your emotions in is stressful, which isn’t good for your health. Stress can cause many various health problems. Crying is one way of relieving stress. Other good ways could include exercise, talking to a friend, journaling and other options.


It’s Cleansing to Your Eyes

This is a basic benefit to crying that’s easily overlooked. Crying is good for your eyes because it’s cleansing. It removes toxins from your eyes. While you don’t need to cry every day for this benefit, a once in a while cry can be helpful. It’s sort of a side benefit that comes from crying.


Your Stress Level Will Plummet

You’ve probably noticed that your stress level drops significantly after a good cry. You seem to immediately feel a sense of relief. Whatever was bothering you usually doesn’t seem nearly as bad. This feeling of relief means that your stress has gone way down. You may not have the solution for your problems, but you feel more positive about them.


It’s a Way to Bond with Others

Crying provides an opportunity to bond with others. People naturally feel compassion when they see someone upset. They want to help. This can help you to feel closer to others and have a better bond with those in your circle. It’s also a nice feeling to share your problems and know you have support.


It’s an Emotional Release That Allows You to Feel Much Better Afterward

Why carry all that turmoil around inside of you? Having a good cry helps you to feel so much better. You can even have a strong sense of calm that you wouldn’t have dreamed of having after a good cry. It allows you to process your emotions so that you can see things more clearly. You may even come up with a solution that you hadn’t even thought of before.

These are 7 of the best and healthiest reasons to have a good cry. What are your thoughts on this subject? Why do you think crying makes you feel better?

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I agree. Every time I'm with my family I bottle up my tears and it leaves me with a migraine.

Yeah, couldn't agree more. Don't hold in your tears. Let it out.

Good I cry everyday.

I've been a crier my whole life and I've tried to hold back the all of the crying but it's sooooo hard! This is good to know that crying is good for you and that I'm not just an emotional mess! Great post!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I find that when I get really angry, I cry! It's so frustrating because I'll be in the middle of some argument and I'll just start crying even though i wanna look strong and make sure I'm standing my ground! It just doesn't work

I used to cry sometimes when I felt sad or mad. But after getting older, I simply don't have tears even when I feel bad. I agree cry is good. It washes away unhealthy negative feelings from my mind.

What can you do when you feel no emotions at all ,let alone tears ,even for deaths of loved ones ? You know you should have really but feel just dead inside yourself ? Wait for someone or something to press you're trigger ? Can't explain it .

But then you get puffy eyes in the morning and regret it because it looks like someone punched you in the face.

I agree 100%

I'm a crier too, and it takes a while to stop once I start... I agree that I do feel a sense of relief afterwards

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