7 Reasons Why Your Dream is Not Impossible ...


When you are young, you do not need a reason why your dream is not impossible.

You just know it can come true.

You know in your heart that dreams can become reality.

The problem is that as we grow up, others inflict their fear and disbelief upon us.

You get weighed down with doubt to the point where you do need a reason why your dream is not impossible.

1. You Believe It Can Happen

Your number one reason why your dream is not impossible is because you believe that it can happen.

If you know in your heart that your company has a chance or that you have the compassion that doctors should have, then you have an obligation to yourself to follow your dreams.

Your belief is the first step on your path to success.

2. No One Knows the Future

Sure, you could go to a psychic and get a reading about your future, but there have been many that are dead wrong.2

Do you know why?

It is because no human being knows that future.

We can have all sorts of analysts make predictions about your future, but in the end we all see the sunrise at the same time (if you are in the same time zone of course).

3. Others do Not Determine Your Fate

Have you ever seen a pair of twins that seem inseparable, only to discover that have completely different careers or interests?

That is because they do not determine each otherโ€™s fate.2

Just like how someone cannot have complete power over who you become, where you go in life, and what your destiny is.

God does that.

People, well people just say what they can to influence you.

4. It is Not Illegal to Dream

You have the freedom to dream as much as your heart desires (just donโ€™t dream about illegal and cruel things please!).

You can imagine yourself as anything you want.

No one has the right to take away your dreams, and you better not let them either.2

Protect your heartโ€™s desires.

I think that when we lose our ability to dream, we lose a piece of ourselves that is more precious than possibly anything we own.

Someone Has to do It
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