20 Reasons It's Great to Be a Girl ...


Sometimes, the expectations placed upon us by the media and society can make it hard to see how there are any reasons it’s great to be a girl.

However, when we make the best of ourselves, being a girl absolutely rocks!

We are smart, sassy and beautiful, so here are some of the many reasons it’s great to be a girl!

1. Pain Tolerance

The amount of pain that we can deal with has to be one of the most important reasons it’s great to be a girl.2

Yes, we’d all rather we didn’t have to deal with the pain at all, but the fact is that if men had the pain of menstrual cramps every month, some would be stuck in bed with no life and no job.

Not to mention the fact that the human race could well die out because only a woman could go through the agony of childbirth and then choose to go through it all over again.

It’s our ability to power through anything that life throws at us that makes us so fantastic.

2. Organisational Skills

In most marriages, it seems to be the wife that remembers not only her own family’s birthdays and anniversaries, but her husband’s too, and has all the presents wrapped and cards written ready to go in advance.

And we can juggle school, or a job, with raising kids and running the house.2

We are just masters of organization.

It must be the way our brains work.

3. We Make Good Drivers

Despite popular misconceptions, one of the reasons that being a girl is great is that women really DO make better drivers.2

Our insurance is cheaper and our cars often last longer as a result of our driving skills.

We may not be as good at parking, but that’s a different matter altogether…

We Can like Silly Things
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