9 Lessons to Learn from Sailor Moon That Will Give You Hope ...


The TV of the 90s brought us empowering shows that taught kids so much;

the meaning of life, for me, was taught through lessons from Sailor Moon.

I couldn’t wait to get up every single morning to watch my favorite superhero save the world.

Here are some of the most empowering life lessons from Sailor Moon that helped shape me into the woman I am today.

1. Love Conquers All

One of the most important life lessons from Sailor Moon is that love conquers all…period.

Love is the most important ingredient, the most important medicine.

Sailor Moon would rather heal others with the power of love than fight or try to destroy them, more often than not, even if the ones she fought were her worst enemies and wanted nothing more than to kill her.

2. Best Friends Are Important

Sailor Moon always put her friends first;

friendship was such an important element of the show.

As it says in the song, “she would never turn her back on her friends”.

It’s illustrated in the show that true friendship can withstand any obstacle and that only with the help of friends can the monsters in life get defeated.

The Sailor Scouts’ combined power was the most powerful power.

3. There is Joy after Suffering

Every time something traumatic happened in the show, the Scouts found joy after the suffering because no matter what, they all stuck together.3

There were countless times heartache, pain, suffering, death, breakups, and confusion hit hard.

No matter what though, the girls made it through everything.

This gave me a hope that everything will always be OK and that everything happens for a reason.

4. Great Things Come in Small Packages

Sailor Moon was a naïve, whining, and irresponsible girl at the beginning of the show.

Nobody would have ever imagined that she would one day become the most powerful Senshi.

I am naturally blonde, have blue eyes, and am 4”11’ (well, I’m 5”…close enough, right?) so I personally connected so much with her character Usagi (Serena).

Her big personality and big dreams taught me that height and age don't matter – all that DOES matter is having a heart that passionately cares.

Believe in Yourself
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