9 Inspirational Memories to Hold onto Forever and Ever ...


I was flipping through a bunch of old photographs about a week ago and I was thinking about memories to hold onto.

What memories to hold onto does my mother have?

What has she passed onto me?

What about my father?

I think that memories are worth remembering and worth talking about, so why not take a look at some of my memories that I am going to hold forever, near and dear to my heart!2

1. Time with Your Grandparents

Time with Your Grandparents

By far, one of the top memories to hold onto forever is going to be time with your grandparents.2

My Nana and Papa are still my favorite people in the world, and while they might not still be here, they are forever in my heart.

I’ll never, ever forget anything about them and how near and dear they were to me.

Remember that, girls and boys, your grandparents might not always be on the earth, but they do live in your memories!

2. Your First Kiss

Your First Kiss

As awkward as it was, I can’t ever forget my first kiss.

It was in the middle of a park and just happened, and I remember hating it in the beginning because I thought it was so awkward.

What was your first kiss like?

Do you remember it and talk about your memory at all?

3. Being Pregnant

Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is definitely something that you’ll want to remember.3

Just feeling another human being growing inside of you ...

it’s a miracle!

It’s something that you can hold onto forever and truly pass onto your daughter or even describe for your son.

4. Falling in Love for the First Time

Falling in Love for the First Time

While it might pain you to really dig deep into the memories of your first love, you’ve got to admit that falling in love is a beautiful experience.

It’s painful sometimes, but when you truly and deeply fall for someone so hard, you want to hang onto that feeling.

Just because it hurts, doesn’t mean you should tuck the memory away to never talk about again.

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