How to Be πŸ“– More Productive πŸ—‚ when You've Slacked off πŸ™Š ...


Have you been feeling like a slacker lately and just can't seem to get out of it?

You're definitely not alone!

It's easy to get super overwhelmed with life and feel like you can't get the things done you need to, or wish to finish.2

Keep reading for some practical ways to create a more productive day and overall environment!

1. Get up Earlier

Get up Earlier

The very first thing you should be focusing on when needing to be productive is making sure you're getting adequate sleep!

Go to bed at a reasonable hour and don't hit the snooze button a million times before you get up.2

Get up earlier than you're used to, even if it's only by 15-20 min.

It makes a difference!

2. Make Your Bed First Thing!

Make Your Bed First Thing!

I always tell myself that if the day doesn't go as planed, at least I've made my bed.2

It sounds silly, but it sets the precedent for the day and makes the house feel tidier (even if it's not!).

One small productive act of making your bed can set the tone for more productive acts throughout the rest of the day.2

3. Get in Some Exercise

Get in Some Exercise

We all know the health benefits of exercise, which includes mental health and clarity.

Burning calories, breaking a sweat and working your muscles actually boosts your mood and mental clarity!

Working on your health and fitness is always a productive way to spend your time, and in-turn makes you more likely to accomplish your other tasks.

4. Eat Well

Eat Well

Along with exercise, eating well creates the right energy levels and mental clarity to be a more productive person.

Eating too much sugar or carbs for example, can cause a crash and brain fog later in the afternoon making, it less likely to get real work done.2

Listen to your body and feed it what it needs, but don't forget the occasional treat!

Life's all about moderation after all.

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