How to Feel like a 💯 Complete Badass 👊🏼 when You're Losing It 😔 ...


As women we face plenty of life and everyday challenges and sometimes we need to be tough – tougher than maybe we’d like.

And then, there are those of us who want to be Queen Bee and cultivate badassness (is that a word?) … just because.

Here’s how you can tame your inner goddess and set your warrior queen free.2

(Not for the fainthearted!)

1. Quit Waiting for Someone to Give You Permission

You know that old saying, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than get permission?” Well, the lady who said that, U.S.

Naval officer Grace Hopper, wrote the book on how to be a badass.

Badass girls don’t sit around waiting to be told it's okay;

they act on their own intelligence and ambition.

Badass women go for it - that job they’ve always dreamed of, checking items off the bucket list, buying a house, adopting a baby on their own - whatever it is, they think it out, they determine when and how it can be accomplished, but they don’t ask if it’s okay.

2. Quit Apologizing

You’d be surprised how much you apologize just to be nice or to soften negative information.

Don’t start your sentences with, “I’m sorry, but…,” simply state the question or response without apology.

Badass women don’t apologize for their questions, because the questions aren’t stupid and they are worth asking.

They know it’s okay to disagree, and okay to say no, without being “sorry.” These women make their words mean something;

they don’t diminish either the words or themselves by drowning them in apologies!

They know when apologies are necessary and when they aren’t.

3. Don’t Be a Victim

It’s not that the badass women doesn’t ever get screwed over, left behind, cheated on or lied to.

It’s that they take from the experience the lessons that need to be learned and move on.

Badass women consider what happens to them, good and bad, as just a normal part of life.

They don’t relive the moment over and over, they don’t take things too personally, and they don’t seek revenge.

They understand that while they aren’t in control of the actions of others, they are in full control of how they react to the situation.

And they react by rolling their sleeves up, doing their best Rosie-the-Riveter pose and moving the hell on.

Don’t Put Yourself down
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