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Recently, Elite Daily has brought up the incredibly important issue of mental health. One of their writers, Zara Barrie, posed a question about why so many women are willing to head to the gym to fix their physical health, but never try to fix their mental health. Here are a few key points that she brought up:

** If you spend money on a gym membership, health food, and workout clothes, then why won't you spend money on a therapist? ** It can help to talk through your issues with someone who is qualified to give you life advice. Having a therapist doesn't mean that something is wrong with you. It just means that you're willing to better yourself.

** If we love to look at photographs and into mirrors to view our outer appearance, why does it scare us so much to think about what's on the inside? ** Instead of focusing on the way you look, you should pay more attention to how you feel. After all, your mental health is more important than you could ever imagine.

** Why do we commit to weekly workouts when we won't commit to doing little things that'll improve our mental health?** If you're strong enough to push your body to its physical limits, then you're strong enough to improve your mental health by doing fun things with your friends, giving yourself days off to relax, and treating yourself kindly.

That leads to the most important question of all: ** Why are we so kind to our skin when we're so mean to ourselves? ** We spend hundreds of dollars on lotions, skin creams, and makeup, because we care about our skin. However, you should also care about what's under your skin. Stop harassing yourself! No more focusing on your flaws and thinking that you're not good enough. It's time to love yourself!

In the spirit of positivity, what do you love the most about your inner self? Come on, you can think of something!

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Well good point but...

Touché! Even if you don't see a therapist. Realize that you have a spirit and a mind you have to care for as well.

I’ve gone and still go to a therapist. I loved this post and definitely agree with everything that was said!

I like the analogy of inner and outer strength. Our minds transforn if we put something in them. Like a flexed muscle reacting to force our thoughts can be ours in strength when faced with adversity or just practicing happiness. Decide, be happy.

Inner & Outer Beauty. I get it.

Definitely food for thought.I've seen a therapist off & on for years.one of the best things I've ever done for my own well being. I highly recommend it. Be good to yourself; mind, body & soul.

I have such a kind heart! ❤️

@Marlys made a great point.

Really good advice. Made me think about things in a different way.

There does seem to be a bit of a stigmatism when you discuss talking to a therapist. Personally, I think the most prohibitive issue is the cost. Some insurance companies do pay, but even with a copay, your portion could be $60 or more each visit. I tried to go a few times when I was going through a divorce and just couldn't afford it. I would love to talk to someone now.

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