9 Happiness Myths That Could Be Holding You Back ...


Holding on to certain happiness myths could actually be what makes you unhappy.

I've heard most of these myths before from well meaning individuals, but couldn't figure out how they would make me happy.

Some people try desperately to cling to these happiness myths.

Turns out, they're just holding themselves back from the joy of being genuinely happy.

1. Money Makes Everything Better

Don't get me wrong, having a fat bank account may just put a smile on your face, but money isn't everything.

One of the biggest happiness myths is you must be rich to be truly happy.

What people don't realize is rich isn't just about money.

It's about friends, family, hobbies and a job you enjoy.

You could make six figures a year and be miserable while the person making minimum wage always has a smile on their face.

It's not about money, it's about doing what makes you happy.

Never Compromise
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