Easy πŸ‘Œ Tricks to Tell if You're a Feminist πŸ’ƒ, for Girls Not Sure Where They Stand πŸŽ€ ...

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The title "feminist" scares away a lot of women either because of the judgement associated with it or simply because it's confusing!

Maybe you feel like you're a "bad feminist" or think feminism itself is bad.

Whatever boat you're in, I'm here to explain some things and help you figure out whether or not you should consider yourself a feminist (and you definitely should!)

1. You Believe in Equality

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Simply put, that's what feminism is.

There are entire books written about it, but really you can sum up the definition of feminism in "the belief that all genders deserve equal rights." Feminism is intersectional;2

that means people who identify as women of every race, sexuality, religion, ability, and social class should be included in the fight for equality

2. You Know Representation Matters


For most of history, business leaders, politicians, artists, writers, athletesβ€”you name itβ€” were almost all men.

Now that the opportunities are available, it's time for women to seize them!

A feminist understands that it's the media's job to represent women as more than just objects for men's enjoyment or use;2

women can be strong, intelligent, independent, and successful.

In TV and movies, you love to see women of all colors and sizes represented in a positive light as a whole person, not just a prop, to send a good message to young girls.

3. You Think the Gender Gap is Unfair

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The wage gap is an issue feminists are always working to close.

The wage gap is the difference in earnings between men and women that is consistent across races in the U.S.

and other countries.

Gender gaps present themselves in other ways too that can't be measured in dollar signs.

For example, there's an opportunity gap for women in business and STEM fields.

There's also a gender gap when it comes to education in developing nations.

If all of these make your blood boil, you should consider yourself a feminist!

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