Stop Drop and Watch These 7 YouTubers Will Change Your Life


Stop  Drop and Watch  These 7 YouTubers Will Change Your Life
Stop  Drop and Watch  These 7 YouTubers Will Change Your Life

Are you looking for YouTubers who will change your life? If you like watching videos that discuss topics such as health, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, then you will love every single one of the YouTubers on this list. If you prefer more in-depth discussions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then several of these YouTubers will appeal to you. Here’s a list of tried and true YouTube channels and personalities that you absolutely must stop, drop, and watch, just don’t forget to come back! Check out these 7 YouTubers who will change your life.

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Mimi Ikonn

Mimi makes people want to be a better person and is one of the best YouTubers who will change your life. She is a self-proclaimed “global citizen” who lives a life most of us only dream about. If you want to see the world without leaving the couch, then her channel is a must! We’re talking Rio, Morocco, Positano, and beautiful sea-side locations in the south of France. But Mimi is not just about sharing the world with her viewers, she is also sharing her different views of the world. You will become a better person just by watching Mimi’s channel, especially if you read her book recommendations. Check out her channel, you won’t be disappointed!


Rachel Talbott

Spa days can cost you a pretty penny, but Rachel’s channel is free! She specializes in showcasing spa-related DIYs, and your pantry probably contains most of the ingredients necessary to get started now! Rachel inspires her audience to remember the importance of self-care with her decadent sugar scrubs and bath bomb recipes. She spent most of her childhood enamored with the idea of owning her own spa one day. Although she does not own a spa yet, her channel contains many great ideas that will leave you inspired to have a spa day of your own, right in the comfort of your own home!


Ingrid Nielsen

Periods, gender equality, orgasms, feminism, politics, you name it, Ingrid will talk about it! Girlfriend has got a voice and she is not afraid to use it. She was even recruited as a Change Ambassador for The United Nations and has interviewed former President Obama about issues she is passionate about. Watching Ingrid’s videos are a lot like hanging out with your best friend.


Melissa Maker

I absolutely hate it when I have to clean, but don’t want to. If you’re in a cleaning slump too, check out Melissa’s YouTube channel. I mean, who likes cleaning? Not me, that’s for sure, and oddly enough, neither does Melissa, who owns a successful cleaning business and a YouTube channel called “Clean My Space.” Melissa recently noted that when she started her YouTube channel in 2011, she consistently received comments like, “Yea, I hate cleaning, too!” So, her channel focuses on “how to clean like a pro” while using baking soda and vinegar. If you want to get some more cleaning know-how, you can also check out her book, which is now available in stores and on audible file!


Alejandra Costello

Now that we have cleaning out of the way, we can talk about organizing! I am sure that we all wish that we had “The Most Organized Home in America,” but I am okay with the fact that Alejandra does, because she shares how to get there on her YouTube Channel. She is a professional organizer and manages clutter like no other! If your junk drawer is littered with soy sauce packets and expired coupons from 2010, check out her videos. Your junk drawer will thank you for it.


Allison Anderson

This particular video is a life-changer on its own because Girlfriend calls her viewers out! What does your “fantasy self” make you do? Do you own a surfboard because you thought you would actually use it, but refuse to get rid of it even though you haven’t? Seriously, stop reading this, and go watch the video. Allison has embraced the “less is more” philosophy and has been on a journey towards minimalism for the past year. She declutters her make up collection, her closet, and her life on the regular. Need inspiration to donate your old rollerblades that you got when you were 15? Look no further.


Jenny Mustard

Minimalism. Need I say more?

Every single one of these women have changed my life. I have learned from each of them over the years, and enjoy the content they produce! I hope you will too. Who are some of your must-follow YouTubers?

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