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Even though a college education is priceless since it will help you meet new people, create new connections and discover new dimensions of yourself, you should try to stay away from the wrong reasons for going to college, so you do not choose something that will not suit you. Picking the right college for you is not that easy and a lot of students sign up for a school they don’t know a lot about for all kinds of wrong reasons. Attending college is a big thing, so you should try to choose the college that best fits you and you shouldn’t take this important decision lightly. Here are 7 wrong reasons for going to college that you should consider:

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Because Someone else Expects It of You

One of the wrong reasons for going to college that you should take seriously is the fact that someone else expects that of you. Just ask yourself if you are ready to go do it, if this is what you want or if there is something else you would like to do more. Just think about what you want, because after all, you are the one who will be at that school.


Because All Your Friends Are Going

Going to a college because all your friends are going there is not a good reason to attend that school. It takes courage to do something different from everybody else but if you have a different dream, then just do all you can to fulfill it. Going to college will help you meet a lot of people and you will make a lot of friends, but the most important thing is to do something you enjoy.


Because Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend is Going

Another wrong reason for choosing a specific college is because your boyfriend or your girlfriend is going there. They are following their dream; you should do the same with yours. If you really want to be together, you will find a way to do it, even if you attend different schools.


The Tuition is Low

Money plays a big part when you are choosing to go to college, but try not to pick a specific school just because their tuition fees are low. Think about what you want and apply to schools you really want to attend, even if their fees are a bit higher. They might offer you a larger financial aid package with more gift aid than a college where the tuition fee is lower.


Because Your Entire Family Went There

Just because your entire family attended a specific school, it doesn’t mean that you should go there too. If you want to be successful in school, you should pick a college that is best for you, that suits you and your needs, because maybe you would be happier somewhere else.



Don’t choose a specific college based on location alone! Even if you want to be as far away from home as possible, or even if you want to be close to your home, there are other important things you should consider before making this decision.


Because It Looks Good in the Guidebook

Try not to choose to go to a college just because that specific school looks good in their guidebook. Visit their campus first, because while guidebooks and virtual tours might help make your decision easier, you should visit your top two or three schools in person. That way you will know if they really suit you and if they are really what you want.

Choosing to go to college can be a tough decision sometimes, but try not to make it for all the wrong reasons. Do you know any other wrong reasons for going to college? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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College is alright but i am going to get my engineering degree

is college fun? because I really wanna go there!!

yes! please carefully consider this! Also, don't go to college for the parties and freedom you hear about on TV, etc., remember that it's very expensive. either you or your parents are paying a lot of money. A LOT! Use it wisely!

I think that all of these reasons end up naturally factoring into your final decision.

I live in a college town so I get the experience without pesky things like tuition and class! don't get me wrong, I do plan on going but not soon!

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