25 Words 🔡 of Wonder to Ponder 💭 ...


When you are a type of person who always wants high expectations within yourself, and in many times you actually fail, it will crush you in many ways no that no words can even describe how you feel, at times it will lead to emotional distress, psychological and mental exhaustion.

It's hard to forgive yourself or maybe its just me, because sometimes when you care too much to the point that you care for others more than yourself, that you don't even realize it. Then one day things came crashing down, and you are torn into pieces.

Picking up the pieces is easier said than done, rebuilding yourself to be a better person needs healing and at some point in our lives these 25 sentences can make us nod our head and say, "yeah." Life happens, two words with tons of possible situation, always different in every person.

We can never know the magnitude of pain in every soul who is just trying to through one day at a time, but it's our pain that makes us human and overcoming it comes through acceptance.

1. Stop Worrying, if It's Supposed to Happen It Will

Allow Yourself to Be a Beginner
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