Wonderful Ways 🤗 to Not 🚫 Let Summer ☀️ FOMO Kill Your Vibes ✌🏼 ...

'Fear of missing out' (or FOMO) is defined as when you start to feel like everyone is having a better time than you, which sadly, is a feeling many of us are familiar with! When you're seeing endless pics on Insta and Snap of the girls spending their summer at fun festivals, classy bars, rowdy parties or what not, it's easy to feel like you're missing out on the good times! Luckily there are a few top ways to deal with summer FOMO, so keep reading to hear Puckermob's suggestions:

1. Slow Your Roll

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Individuals tend to move at a much quicker stride than necessary or even beneficial to our own being. It is important for people to slow down at times. Take initiative to retrain your daily habits including practicing eating rituals, having engaging conversations, working more efficiently, or even love-making at a slower pace. Supporting friends and family to function in a relaxed manner will result in happier routines and an appreciation of time and moments.

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