7 Wonderful Tips on How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party ...


7 Wonderful Tips on How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party ...
7 Wonderful Tips on How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party ...

If you find it quite hard to keep a secret, especially when it’s a pleasant one, then you might have some problems when it comes to learning how to throw a surprise birthday party for someone you love. I must confess that I love birthday parties because it’s always so much fun to throw them. If the birthday of someone very close to you is coming soon and you have no idea what to get him as a gift, you could try to surprise him and plan a fabulous party. If you do decide to go with that, I could give you a few very efficient tips on how to throw a surprise birthday party that your friend will never forget. Just read on and find out what those tips are.

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Pick a Theme

The first thing you should do if you want to learn how to throw a surprise birthday party is to pick the perfect theme for the event. Try to find out what are the things the birthday boy or the birthday girl likes, things such as hobbies and passions; don’t forget to think about their personality and investigate what are their interests. There are so many things you can do; just don’t worry about the execution and make sure you pick the perfect theme, something that will really represent your friend.


Choose the Location

Once you’ve managed to pick the perfect theme for that surprise birthday party, the next step you should take is to decide what would be the perfect location for it to take place. Do you want to throw him a surprise birthday party at his house or do you think it should be in the great outdoors or why not even at your house? Make sure you think about all the advantages and disadvantages of each option, so you’ll know you took the right decision.


Hand out Invitations

This is one of the steps of throwing a surprise birthday party that should be done very carefully so that the guest of honor will not have the chance to see one of the invitations to his special event. Make sure he will not make any other plans on that date and invite only the people who are willing to keep that party a secret. If it’s an intimate surprise party, make sure you only invite the people who you know your friend would want to see there. After all, you wouldn’t want to upset him on his birthday!


Get the Perfect Decorations

You might need some help on this one, so it’s best to ask a few of the other people who come to the party to help you. Try to pick some decorations that have your friend's favorite color or that match the theme of the party. Think again about the things your friend likes and then decide if you’re going to use balloons, candles, centerpieces, streamers or tassels. Try to decorate the main areas first and if it’s an indoor party and you have enough time, try to put a little attention into beautifying the bathroom, the kitchen, or any other room. The surprise will be even bigger this way!


Choose the Food for the Party

First of all, you should make sure that your friend will not see all that food for his party in your refrigerator because he might become suspicious and you’ll ruin the surprise. Also, you should make sure you buy things your friend likes and that the cake is perfect so you won’t disappoint him by choosing something he is allergic to or something he normally doesn’t eat. Make sure you covered every little detail and that you bought enough snacks and cookies for everyone.


Choose Some Appropriate Drinks

Even if you must keep in mind your friend’s preferences when it comes to choosing the drinks for his party, you should also serve a variety of drinks, so that everyone can have fun. Consider setting up a bar or setting up a punch bowl for alcohol drinks. If there are kids at this party, you should also bring some non-sugary drinks in addition to the cola, root-beer, and lemonade. You should have plenty of water and non-alcoholic drinks for your adult friends as well.


Find Different Sources of Entertainment

Depending on how big your party is or how much you want to spend on it, try to find different sources of entertainment for the guest of honor as well as for the people you invited. Choose music that’s appropriate for the occasion, something that everybody will enjoy. If you have the possibility, you could even bring a band that could play live music, or bring someone who will make a live magic show or you could even bring a dance group.

No matter how big your party is, I’m sure your friend will appreciate your efforts. Don’t forget to make a pretty good plan to get your friend out of the house or to lure him to where the party is going to be. Have you ever thrown a surprise birthday party? What other tips could you give us on that? Please share your advice in the comments section!

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