Why Bridget Jones is a πŸ’‘ GENIUS πŸ’‘ for Keeping a Diary πŸ’»πŸ““πŸ–Š ...


I'm the type of person that has always kept a journal. My mom actually started the tradition in my family and when I saw the first Bridge Jones' movie? I seriously was so excited to see this trend featured in a movie! Journals can be great to get all kinds of emotions out, can be fantastic for mental health and can just help you! Don't have one yet? Don't worry, I've got quite a few reasons why you should start one!

1. To-do Lists Are the Bomb in Journals

While most people think that journals are just for the emotional stuff, that isn't necessarily true. Sure, Bridge Jones' did capture a hell of a lot of emotional stuff in hers, she also made herself to-do lists, things she needed to work on, things she wanted to do with her life. You can do the same thing! Seriously girls, your journal is for your eyes only, make any kind of to-do list you want.

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