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What is Happiness

By Uchechukwu

What is happiness?

Life isn't a bed of roses. There are several challenges that a person faces in life, which may come from different areas of a person's life or certain occurrences that may happen. These things that occurred may be desirable or unpleasant, but they are added to form moments that spice up our lives. When you look back at certain moments that might have occurred in the past, you can't help but laugh and some of it might make you cry, others might infuriate you. Looking back in life doesn't always end well. Why, some moment in the past may bring you joy in the present. Looking forward can bring you hope and strong convictions for making impossibilities possible, but the future may prove to be a fantasy. However, whatever the future may hold is solely dependent on the moment, whether desirable or unpleasant. And to be happy in the future, the present must be controlled well to generate memories and moments that when you look back on them, will make you happy. So, what is happiness?

Happiness is not an item that you can buy in a department store, neither is it something that another person can give you, happiness is only found through one's desire to be happy. If it is desired, one must do those things that make them happy even though they affect other people. Because only the people that truly care about you will let you do things that make you happy. And the rest may jump through hoops to see you sad.

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