10 Questions to Answer to Discover Your Passion ...


10 Questions  to Answer  to Discover Your Passion ...
10 Questions  to Answer  to Discover Your Passion ...

There are some questions to answer to discover your passion. Do you often see family and friends get really excited about a particular hobby or passion, and realise that you have yet to discover something that evokes the same kinds of emotions in you? If you want to feel inspired by something on a daily basis, you need to find yourself something to be really passionate about. Here are 10 questions to answer to discover your passion.

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Who do You Envy?

Finding out what you're envious of is one of the top questions to answer to discover your passion. Is there any particular person in your life who you are jealous of? Perhaps there is somebody in the public eye who you find yourself envying more than others? Jealousy is often the go-to emotion for when we see something that we want, even in a subconscious way. Identifying who it is that you envy so much can then encourage you to work out exactly why.


If You Were Given $250,000 for Education, How Would You Spend It?

If you were presented with enough money to spend some time studying anything that you wanted to with no limits, what area would you pick? The freedom to choose an area of study when finances aren’t an issue is a big indicator of where your passions might lie.


Who Are Your Role Models?

Try to come up with three role models that you have, and see if you can find any similar threads in their success and in what it is that you find so inspiring about them. Are they all in one type of business? Do they share a special talent? Perhaps it is a talent that you aspire to have.


Did You Give Anything up?

Have a think back at your life and your old hobbies. Is there something that you gave up on and are perhaps feeling a longing to take back up? You might not even realise that this is what your mind is guiding you toward until you have really pinpointed it at unfinished business.


Do You Have a Special Gift?

Is there something that you can do or something that you are much better at than everyone else? It could be a sport or a craft or a subject at school, something that sets you apart from the crowd in a positive way. Maybe you could expand on that pre-existing talent.


Ask Friends

Get in touch with your three closest friends and ask them what they think makes you special. Sometimes it takes the words or insights of somebody else to help you realise what it is that you should be doing.


Favourite School Subjects?

What subjects did you might enjoy at school? This is different to which ones were you most proficient at. Adult life can be so complicated and busy that you can often forget those subjects at school that made you the happiest. Maybe it’s time to sit down and remember what brought you joy as a student.


What Was the Best Day of Your Life?

Sit a desk and write out a summary of what you class to be the best day of your life. What exactly was it about that day that made it the best? Is there anything in there that could be expanded out into a new found passion?


What Would You do with $2 Million?

If you suddenly found that you had two million dollars in your bank account, what would you do with it? There is a lot to be discovered by thinking about the immediate actions that you would take with a fortune.


How Would You Volunteer?

If your job gave a paid week to do any kind of volunteering that you wanted, what would you choose? It is interesting to examine what types of charitable ideas you can come up with when you know that you are going to be financially safe afterward.

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