A Deep Look at Fear for Girls Suffering from It to the Exreme ...


A Deep Look at Fear for Girls Suffering from It to the Exreme ...
A Deep Look at Fear for Girls Suffering from It to the Exreme ...

What is fear?

Fear is an indication that you need to change some of your characteristics that are turning into an obstacle in your life.

When I get fearful, I immediately take notice of it and concentrate as in what trait of mine needs to be changed. Fear shows me a different path, the one that I always avoided to walk on.

Ultimately, I get so creative ideas as a solution that never appeared in normal days. For example, I had a fear of loneliness which bothered me a lot but this showed me a path to self-exploration and self-love. Now I am no more afraid of being alone, in fact I enjoy my own company a lot.

I have seen people who have a fear of darkness. When asked why they are afraid of dark, they get speechless and instead insist on the point that it is horrible. We can call this “fear of unknown.” This type of fear seems difficult to tackle but actually it can overcome by adopting a positive mindset e.g. darkness can be taken as a symbol of peace and silence.

So yes, the best way to tackle with fear is to realize that it’s all in your head. Imagine burning your fears in a fire of positive energy turning into ashes of disappointment.

Challenge and confront your fear by realistic thinking instead of listening to your critical inner voice. Now the question arises what is a critical voice? … It is that harsh voice in your head that always underestimate you and gives fuel to fear. For example, you opened a notebook to write something, an article or a story, but that nasty voice in your head constantly makes fun of you “so you want to write but what are you going to write, do you have a mind of a writer…eh”. This thought will bother you a lot for once but if you switch to realistic thinking, which consists of logical and future directed thoughts, that “yes of course, I am going to write. My mind is so creative… I can write on anything” then this will be the first step towards success.

So, whenever you feel a tide of fear surrounding you, just ask yourself” Did my eyes witness this situation or did my ears hear something of this sort.” Of course, you will often get a “No” as an answer to these questions. Trust your gut instinct, breathe deeply and relax. Trust me, fear is just so powerless, it can never ever take over your happiness and dreams in anyway.

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