Easy Ways to Sweeten up a Sour Day ...


Easy Ways to Sweeten up a Sour Day ...
Easy Ways to Sweeten up a Sour Day ...

I'm here to give you some ways to sweeten up a sour day. Ever have one of those days? You were late for work, your supervisor was on your tail, you forgot your lunch and you are waiting on pay day, and the list goes on and on. But then the clock strikes five o’clock (or whatever time your day ends) and you need something, anything, to brighten up your day. There are loads of ways to sweeten up a sour day.

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Get Yourself a Sweet Treat

One of the best ways to sweeten up a sour day is by actually eating something sweet. According to a study done by Bryn Mawr College, chocolate increases endorphins, which in turn, can reduce stress. And who doesn’t love chocolate? But if you don’t like chocolate, or you are allergic, there are plenty of other sweet treats you can get. Personally, I like the apple pies from McDonald’s.


Retail Therapy

Of course retail therapy comes at a price - the price of whatever you are purchasing. However, if you are waiting for payday (like me) you can do one of two things. You can either go window shopping or use your credit card. Now just be warned, you will have to pay it back later. But payday is around the corner. So it’s all good. Now the only question is, what to buy?

Me personally, I like books. I like to walk around the bookstore and see what’s new, what’s on sale and look at books I didn’t buy from previous trips. Or I would just buy a bookmark.

Other things you could buy are those boots you’ve been waiting to go on sale (finally), or a new dress that makes you feel fabulous (I do), or half of Bath and Body Works (because Christmas is just around the corner). Or you could just buy socks. Because aren’t you always losing one anyway?


A Night out

It doesn’t have to be anything special. It could be catching a movie, meeting up for drinks, or making a run to the pharmacy. Just something to take your mind off the day. I remember one time in college, me and my friend met at my dorm and we walked around campus for a few hours.

Also, you could go to the library or run errands. That will keep you out all night. I know shopping at Wal-Mart or Target, I can be out for hours.


A Night in

If you’re not up for going out, stay in. Run yourself a warm bath, drop in your favorite bath salts or bath bombs, put on your favorite music, and grab some ice cream or a glass of wine and relax. You could also scroll through your Netflix, HBO GO or whatever streaming service you have and find something to make you laugh, cry or just forget the day. You could also clean. I find cleaning to be cathartic and once you’re done, everything will be sparkling. So it’s a bonus.


Spending Quality Time with a Loved One

Love is uplifting. Just receiving a hug, or an “it’ll be okay,” or an “I love you” can make the worst of days better. Sometimes when I’m feeling my lowest, I come home and hop in the bed with my boyfriend. He rolls over and wraps his arms and his legs around me, nuzzling my hair and all is right with the world. Other times, I go visit my mother and she makes me sweet potato tots and we catch up. Just being at home and being around family makes me feel better.


Play a Video Game

Even if you don’t like video games, the act of pressing buttons profusely and attacking or killing your opponent can really make your day. It’s not about the game, but taking out your aggression on something where you cant hurt yourself or others. For me, it’s Injustice 2. I always play as Harley Quin or Starfire and I try my hardest to beat the crap out of Sub-Zero. I don’t win, but I feel better and don’t want to scream at my supervisor. Video games are also good for keeping you employed.


Take a Nap

Naps are not only for kindergartners. As an adult, a nap can refresh you, almost like refreshing a web page. A nap lets you rest and come down from all the stress and tension you're feeling. Plus, you get to catch up on all that sleep you missed stressing out. If nothing else, you get to step away from the outside world and go wherever you want in your sleep.

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