8 Ways to Stop Being a Perfectionist ...


I’d like to share my top ways to stop being a perfectionist for all my fellow perfectionists out there. For me, it’s hard not to be a perfectionist on a daily basis, but I have been working towards learning that it’s not always about being perfect or doing a perfect job. It’s been a long journey, with a ways left to go, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made! If you would like to learn a few ways to stop being a perfectionist, then please continue reading!

1. Have Realistic Expectations

Among all the ways to stop being a perfectionist, setting realistic expectations and goals is at the top of the charts. Realize that your recipe may not turn out just like the picture in the magazine, but it will still taste the same! And just because your sister’s son potty-trained within 3 months, that doesn’t mean your child will do the same.

Take on One Thing at a Time
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