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You don’t have to be an avid animal rights activist to take up these ways to stand up for animal rights. Animal rights are a cause we should all care about and strive to improve in our daily lives. These ways to stand up for animal rights are easy and are steps you can take to make sure that animals around the world are not being harmed.

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Your Food Choices

One of the most popular ways to stand up for animal rights is in your diet. Many of our food products come from farms where animals are subject to terrible living conditions and are injected with chemicals and hormones. Choose to only purchase food from brands that are dedicated to fair treatment of animals. Or you can take it steps further and commit to a vegan diet, so you know that your diet isn’t leading to the mistreatment of animals.


Be a Foster Parent

As unfortunate as it is, many animal shelters in the country do not have room for all of the stray animals and are forced to euthanize many of the dogs and cats that come through their doors. You can help save an animal life by becoming a foster parent for a shelter. You will take in a dog or cat for a temporary time while a shelter finds a permanent home for it. It is a great way for you to help save an animal's life without a long-term commitment of having a pet.


Check Your Makeup

We tend to not put much thought into our makeup routines or the products we put on our face. But many of the most popular cosmetic brands test their makeup and perfumes on animals. Commit to only buying cosmetics from brands that do not test on animals as a way to support those companies.


Adopt an Animal (physically, Metaphorically)

While adopting an animal is a big commitment, it is one of the best things you can do to help support animal rights. You will welcome a loving animal into your home and protect them from harm. If you are unable to welcome an animal into your house, you can be adopt, or sponsor, an animal. You pay a certain amount a day or month and it goes towards providing an endangered animal or an animal in shelter. It is a great way to support animals around the world and ensure their safety.



If you are not comfortable with circuses like Ringling Brothers abusing their animals for entertainment, boycott their shows. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stand outside with signs, yelling at anyone that goes in. It just means that you refuse to be an audience member and attend their shows. There are tons of alternatives to attending events that abuse animals. Chose an animal sanctuary instead of a zoo or choose a film that uses a CGI animal instead of an animal actor. Small steps like these can make a huge difference.


Get on Social Media

We can't exactly have a say in how people around the world treat animals, but with social media, we can share what is happening with everyone online. Posts exposing inhumane treatment of animals can inspire others to stand up for animal rights. You can sign online petitions and join a digital community of others who are supporting animal rights.


Share Your Knowledge

One of the best ways to stand up for animal rights is by sharing your knowledge with your friends. It is great if you take all of these steps, but you can really create an impact if you get your friends and family on board.

Do you stand up for animal rights? Share some of your stories with us!

Sources: features.peta.org

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I've rescued 1 dog and 4 cats! They are growing up in a good home with great parents and are happy babies! I love it! :)

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