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When you really need it, there are several ways to speak your mind. Find out what works best for you, and then you can be honest always to those that are most important to you. Having open communication is freeing and important to cultivate healthy relationships. It can also help to speak your mind at work or with a partner or family member. If you really need to start standing up for yourself, read on for some ways to speak your mind.

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Be Open

There are many ways to speak your mind, but you have to understand that you may be opening a can of worms. You have to be ready. Be open and willing to have a real discussion about what's going on. By being open, you're letting what really needs to happen, happen. Not to mention, you'll probably learn a lot about yourself, too, which can help you avoid situations where you forget to speak your mind early on.


Be Clear

Make sure that you're very clear about what you want and where your goals lie in speaking your mind. You also have to be clear about your thoughts. Maybe write them out beforehand, so that you'll be sure to communicate clearly. Then, be very clear when talking so that nobody will be confused about what you mean! Think points, not filler words. And be direct, not whimsical.


Be Factual

Use facts, not theories or connections or examples. When speaking your mind, somebody will need to understand exactly what you mean, and facts are the simplest way to communicate something to another person. Everybody will have their own thoughts about something, but with facts, you have communicated solid details that are understandable to an outside party. Using facts will reflect the best on you as well. Respect the facts!


Be about You

This point is very important. Make sure to be about you when speaking your mind. Do not tell somebody what 'they did' or how 'they should have done something.' Instead, always discuss how something made you feel. This direction makes someone more willing to understand, as they probably had no intention of making you feel that way in the first place.


Be Fair

It's also very important to always be fair. You'll need to be ready for new perspectives, differing opinions and things you may not have even been aware of before the discussion. By being fair, you're allowing your thoughts to come through in the best way possible - with respect. If you always strive to be fair, you won't have regrets about speaking your mind in the first place.


Be Calm

Stay calm in the midst of the moment! Prep yourself if you have to by telling yourself how you'll stay calm or what you'll think about to mentally step away for a moment. Remaining calm is important to any situation, and by doing so, you'll be in the best mindset to speak your mind. People will also take you more seriously if speaking in a calm way.


Be Willing

If you're going to speak your mind, be willing to accept the consequences. In the end, you cannot control how somebody will react. You also have to be willing to discuss something someone else may have been feeling, or to have a whole other conversation after speaking your mind. Make sure you're ready.

So make sure you're ready to speak your mind in all the ways that matter! It may seem daunting, but being prepared will be very helpful. What other ways have you spoken your mind?

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