9 Ways to Overcome Anger 😑 and Find Inner Peace 🌈 ...

If you've ever been raging mad, you know why it's important to have some ways to overcome anger. Being mad serves its purpose, but you have to be careful not to let your emotions drive you to do or say something you don't really mean. Having some tools for finding your inner peace and channeling your anger is important for all girls. So use these tips for overcoming anger and you'll be all set.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

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Before you can get into the ways to overcome anger, you first have to recognize it. Most of us live life without really reflecting on we feel. In fact, if I asked you while reading this to state how you feel at this moment, you may struggle to put your finger on it. We are not taught to be in touch with our feelings. More so, we are often encouraged subconsciously by our parents to stuff our feelings down, in order to present a comfortable face to the world. Anger is especially not welcome. From a young age, we are discouraged to show anger, and so we learn to hide it. Yet anger is as natural a feeling as love. It must be harnessed and never turn into rage. But to deny its existence is to negate an essential part of humankind. So, acknowledge when you feel angry.

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